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$1 mil Bail for Tristan Appleberry

Per Seattle Times Story July 24, 2009 at 2:50 PM Posted by Jennifer Sullivan  

A King County judge today set bail at $1 million for Tristan Appleberry, 19, suspected of killing an 18-year-old man Wednesday night in the Leschi neighborhood. Ian Goodhew, deputy chief of staff for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, said that his office plans to charge Appleberry with murder by Monday.

Appleberry is accused of fatally shooting Aaron Sullivan while Sullivan was inside a car in the 800 block of 32nd Avenue South. Witnesses to the shooting said that Appleberry’s mother, who lives just a few steps away from the shooting scene, witnessed what happened, according to a Seattle police report.

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  1. This punk ass white boy is gonna get off wit a slap on the wrist but if he was black he’d be looking at the death

  2. As a mother it pains me to hear of all the tragedy that our young adults have to endure in life. We were once all teenagers in our life and mistakes are a dime a dozen, so who are we to judge anyone. I say leave the judgement to the judge and try to come-up with a better solution instead to keep kids away from violence. Unless you know both sides of the story then blog about it otherwise don’t be putting you’re sick idea into it and try to make it into a race issue…enough is enough.

  3. I understand that Aaron’s passenger was running around threatening other teenagers with his gun in the past that had led to this incident. I also understand that the father of Aarons friend is a cop, now I wonder where this teen got his gun. Is this also the reason why the media is only covering the other kids side of the story because his father is a cop. I heard a totally different version of it.

  4. I know/knew both of them. So to the first post, bite your tongue moron. I grew up with those kids and one is dead and the other going to jail for life most likely. You’ve probably never done anything to get a slap on the wrist anyways, so how do you know? That’s right you don’t. Oh and there is two sides to the story. Have a nice day.

  5. only reason why this all happend was because aarons passenger is stupid and liked to go around thinkin he was cool scaring kids aron was a nice guy but his friends got him in this