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Opening Celebration for The Corner

Today is the opening celebration for The Corner, the oral history and art project at 23rd & Union. The artists are there all afternoon to talk to neighbors about the project, and they’ve got a big table set up with some tasty looking BBQ.

With the art installation now completed, the next step is to get more people involved in the history part of the project. They want everyone with a memory or a story to tell about the intersection to call 877-723-8646 and leave a recording. Those will then be packaged up into podcasts and a larger documentary about the intersection. You can also get involved via the project’s website or their very active Facebook page.

The art installation sits on the vacant lot where Jim Mueller has filed plans to build a 6-story apartment building, a project which has been delayed due to the turmoil in the financing markets. 

The celebration runs through 5pm today.

Here’s some photos from the event:

Two of the artists: Jenny Asarnow and Scratchmaster Joe Martinez

Carolyn Walden & Jean Tinnea (who stars in the artwork) enjoy some BBQ

0 thoughts on “Opening Celebration for The Corner

  1. Sorry I couldn’t stop by but I think its a great project! Great to see this happening at that intersection.

  2. wish i knew it was going on as we live so close………hope the day went well for you. maybe a 2nd party is in order so those who missed can come :)!!! ?

  3. This event was posted here on the Friday weekend plans list by Scott and on the cdnews event calendar, on The Corner’s facebook page and I think in an article in the Seattle Times….sorry you missed it.

    I’m sure Jenny and company would be delighted to have you plan another party.

  4. i was sure we would make it but the Father’s Day plan went longer than we expected. It is a great project and any further celebration of it would always be welcome.

  5. I wish we could have been there for this – have been waiting for something awesome at that corner for a long time ~ since the earthquake displaced those who had been there forever. I’ve only been here 20 years but my husband has been in the neighborhood since the early 70’s…a random open minded transplant from the midwest who didn’t really fit in but always hoped he would…we’ve celebrated and dispaired this intersection for so many years…. we’re glad to see something innovative and new :~)