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CD News Police Scanner – 6/5

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Friday, June 5, 2009

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  1. All I can tell you is that he house is on 18th, North of Union (I forgot the exact address) – sorry

  2. Our neighbor in the 1300 block of 30th Ave S was burglarized yesterday in broad day light. Did the scanner catch anything by chance? We know that a gold car (not sure the make) that looked like it has been in an accident was reported speeding away from the house, two men total…FYI to be on the look out.

  3. ok, our next door neighbor went home to look around and there were signs of someone trying to get in through their window…. not cool. thanks to whomever called 911! (if you’re on here, it’d be good to hear from you…?) we’ll let the guys at the coffee shop know to be extra diligent as well, and to keep their eyes peeled.

  4. Yesterday, about 5:30-6:00pm on the corner of 23rd/Jefferson where i live…a very kind woman in her 50s-60s was hit several times in the face and her cell phone was taken from her. The young black boy in his late teens fled rapidly and his friend/partner-in-crime (allegedly) got onto a bus. I saw it happen, and it seemed fake at first — i was in shock. A man in a truck, while waiting at the traffic light, followed the very troubled boy but lost him. The man later came back to the scene and stood there with me and a few others to comfort the victim. The police responded, slowly i might add. I brought her a ziploc bag of ice, water and advil. Before she was mugged, she had just contacted her husband, who was on his way. I stayed with her until her husband and daughter arrived. They were super thankful, i was more than glad to be of assistance to her and her family. I sure hope they caught the little bastard who did this. I more than realize that this “stuff” happens in a city of this size…but at the same time it is not acceptable either..especially directly in front of my house!

  5. It turns out it was our garage window they tried to break in to. Luckily the owner of the coffee shop next door saw them and chased them off. He called the police. Unfortunately when the officer arrived they treated HIM like a criminal and were making racist remarks to him. :( I can’t believe our police force would be so rude to a good Samaritan and business owner in our own community! He didn’t get the officer’s badge number but that is really unacceptable behavior.

    We don’t have the name or badge number to file a complaint otherwise we would.

  6. does anyone know what time this occurred? I live in one of the nearby townhouses. there was an attempted break in next door a few months ago at night.