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CD News Police Scanner – 6/11

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, June 11, 2009

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  1. This morning around 5:45 I heard sirens and saw several police cars on 19th. They turned east on to Union then north on 23rd. It appeared they had someone on the ground in front of the car wash.

    Anyone know what was going down?

  2. they’re gone. i swear my home is under their holding pattern. it’s really loud!

  3. Just wanted to alert everybody that yesterday afternoon, around 4 pm, there were two men driving down 17th Ave, stopping in front of all yards with poppies, pulling them out and tossing them in their trunk. My husband called the police, but they didn’t seem too interested. Their lack of care about the actual flowers and sole interest in poppies tells me the think they are going to make opium out of them, but the police didn’t seem to get the connection. Just a head’s up for the neighborhood.

  4. The owner of the Pilates/Yoga etc studio Mind & Body at 21st & Union says at about 5:45am he saw a dude hiding in the shrubbery along Union St with several squad cars around. He went out and told the police he saw the guy run eastbound toward 23rd. The cops said he’d stolen $3K in a burglary ‘up there’ (to the west, uphill on Union. Related to the attempted break-ins on 18th??)

    The cops caught him. Thanks, Dana at Mind & Body!!

  5. Thanks for the tip!

    My dear hubby has been telling me for years that I was gonna get busted for growing poppies. Someone from the dark side finally made the connection. I’ll cut the seed pods off all my poppies…if they’re still there. I had a huge display this year. Afghanistan isn’t the only place the poppies are doing well.

  6. I remember when the vietnamese first started their pea patch at Mc Clellan and MLK. It made the news! A cop was driving by and noticed the poppies and identified them as the ones used for Opium. They raided the garden, with news crews covering the bust.