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CD News Police Scanner – 6/10

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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  1. I’m new in the neighborhood…just on the eastside of MLK (below Leschi of course)…across the street from Mezzaluna. Guess we’re not considered Judkins Park; out little nook doesn’t seem to have a name that I know of. But I am hoping I can get information about crime that happens here.

    Last night, lots of police, etc. were around 28th and S. Norman. Neighborhood kids said someone got beatup again. I saw the gang unit there last week…Know anything about it? Is there a way you ;isten to the scanner only for the East Precinct?

    I have also counted over 23 children outside the Seattle Housing Authority units–completely unsupervised (at least to my knowledge). This weekend, a seven year old went into someone’s house and stole their kittens. Guy got them back, but was understandably not very happy about it. Last week, a woman came up the street saying one of the children stole her daughter’s scooter. Luckily, I’ve got some great neighbors involved in block watch who have offered to be resources.

    But keep me updated. I’ll keep checking back!

  2. Wouldn’t that be ‘likes to hang it out in front of the liquor store’?


  3. S.H.A. does a terrible job, enforcing the parents to supervise their children (if that’s what you want to call them) I have had numerous issues with S.H.A. parents not watching(not caring)for their offspring at the corner of 29th ave South and South Norman. Rocks have broken windows,Rocks have been thrown at people who ask the children to stay in their yards. The delinquent acts are never ending. Just so you know S.H.A. does have strict rules a list may be found on the internet. Call the police,and ask they report the incident to S.H.A. as well. My understanding is once they are evicted from section 8, they can’t get it again in the city. There are parks everywhere in Seattle which we pay money to maintain for family’s to use that don’t have a large backyard. THe parents are too dam sorry to take them to a park, so they terrorize, and destroy the neighborhood. I bet the kids flying down Norman st. on their bikes will one day meet a car and break their screaming little necks. Do their parents care apparently not.

  4. There is an active Block Watch in that area that deals with SHA issues on a regular basis. Contact 28_29 Neighbors Block Watch Captain Walt Niemela at [email protected] to get on their listserv and find out about their meetings.

  5. Interesting… one of the kids who lives in the apartment upstairs from me has just started dragging one of those Razor-type scooters around with him everywhere. I’m a dozen blocks north-northwest of that area. Only 2 kids upstairs but they always seem to bring a whole crowd of kids around, playing thug when the mom is out.

  6. the S.H.A. tenant document has quite a long list of rules and it includes not only rules regarding the physical house/apt but the neighbors/neighborhood. from what i have seen, these rules are not enforced. you can contact S.H.A. with any issues/complaints however but i have little to no faith S.H.A. investigates any of these complaints.

  7. SHA may not want to investigate, however every SHA property has a property manager. you can get the managers name by calling headquartes. The manager is obligated to speak to you about your issues, if not find out who that manager’s manager is and complain to he or she. Keep going up the chain, and making police reports until you see action. It does work. It’s just a P.I.A.

  8. Thanks for the help. I just worry about the kids more than anything else. I am sure they can act like hooligans but there are adults around who are supposed to be in charge of them. Just want to be in the loop..