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Splish Splash Schedule

The weather forecasts show sun and highs in the seventies for the next 5 days, and there’s good news if you’re looking for a place to take the kids out to cool off. After a week-long delay due to a plumbing leak, the water toys at Pratt Park should be in open for frolicking this afternoon and over the weekend.

Live in the north or south ends of the neighborhood? You’re still in luck. The spray features at Judkins Park and the Miller Community Center are turned on as well.

As Nora mentioned last week, the forecast isn’t as good for some of the neighborhood wading pools. New safety regulations are forcing the city to retrofit the pools to insure that no one gets injured by the suction of the drains. While that work is under way on some sites around the city, the two in the Central District at Powell Barnett Park and Peppi’s Playground didn’t make the cut to be fixed this year.

The closest operable wading pool is at Volunteer Park, but it doesn’t open until June 20th.

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