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Convicted Sex Offender Caught in Series of Exposures

It’s something we’ve heard a number of times on the scanner: reports of a man masturbating in public, usually around bus stops on Madison or Capitol Hill. A couple of weeks ago lilyson left a comment saying that an SPD detective was actively looking for a suspect in the case.

It happened again today, but it looks like the guy miscalculated, pulling the stunt within a few blocks of the East Precinct headquarters. Officers arrived quickly after the 911 call, stopped a possible suspect, and got a positive ID on him from two eyewitnesses.

Earlier tonight David Craig Martin was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of indecent exposure.

A search of state court records show a number of matches for that name, including to guilty pleas for sex crimes in Pierce County. In 1997 he received a fine, probation, and a suspended sentence on another indecent exposure charge. Then things got more serious in 2000 when he pleaded guilty and served time in state prison for first degree rape of a child and third degree child molestation.

A search of sex offender registries under that name came up blank.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details..

0 thoughts on “Convicted Sex Offender Caught in Series of Exposures

  1. Wow, I gotta tell ya growing up on Cap. Hill I saw way too many exposed men for my youth… dudes who would ask if you had ever seen one, etc. etc…. and I swear none of them ever got caught. So I’m damn pleased some jerk finally got caught and hopefully gets some treatment and away time. Thank you SPD.

  2. JERK is a perfect name…anyways is there a site where we can go to to look for official sex offenders in the we can actually know how many are out there….

  3. It’s about time one of these guys was caught with their pants down. Um, I mean, red handed. No wait, that’s no good either! Uh… he really has this coming? Arrgh!