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Home Invasion Update – Man in Custody, Women Not

First, a couple of corrections from our report yesterday:

  • SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson says that while the victim did not know the suspects, this was not a random event. No further details were available about the non-randomness
  • We characterized the suspects as “breaking in” to the residence, but it’s more accurate to say that they walked in through the front door. It’s not clear if they were let in or just happened to find the door unlocked.

Of the two men who were stopped in a suspicious vehicle after the robbery, one 34 year old male was arrested and booked into King County Jail for investigation of burglary and assault. He has been denied bail. The other 24 year old was interviewed and released pending further investigation.

The man who was arrested has a significant criminal record, including a felony conviction in Snohomish County earlier this year (for what, we sadly don’t know due to Snohomish County’s useless website).

The two female suspects who were directly involved in the burglary are still at large.

0 thoughts on “Home Invasion Update – Man in Custody, Women Not

  1. Do we have any better discription of the two female suspects yet? Or are we still limited to “2 heavyset white women”? Because there are an awful lot of heavyset white women. Do we have hair color, height, or anything?

  2. Not much more than that. Here’s the original description:
    “The suspects are described as two white, heavy-set females in their 30s wearing jeans. One suspect has bleached hair and the other has dark hair.”

  3. Lord knows Seattle does have ample numbers of these but how come this blog never mentions the race of the perps until now?

  4. Sorry Jeff – you’re just wrong. We include the race of suspects all the time. Just take a look at the daily scanner reports. If there’s a description given, it’s in there.