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CD News Police Scanner – 5/5

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Tuesday May 5, 2009

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  1. Wondering if anybody got hurt? I heard them talking about HMC but wasn’t sure if it was the same call. Woke me up and I flew to the phone and waited almost a minute for them to answer… I said that I figured that since they were so busy they already new about the shots and the dispatcher said yes. Hope this time they arrest somebody.

  2. thanks scott for looking… I had checked that too then thought how sometimes these victims take themselves to the hospital or turn up somewhere else for aid. Glad to know nobody was injured. Also I apologize for my typo of “new” for “knew.”

  3. Thank you for posting this information. People almost didn’t believe me when I said I’d heard about 7 shots right outside my house…now they know I’m not crazy! Although I didn’t see my call registered on the 911 page. Ah well. At least they came.
    My friend, who lives in the house behind me, had actually seen a guy jump the fence by my house. He wasn’t the one that called it in, though.

  4. I saw the police down the block and wondered what was going on. Thanks so much for posting.

  5. I was playing some Rock Band and heard two lound bangs. It seemed like it came from behind the house where the shooting was and more of trash cans being knocked over (then again, we had the TV pretty loud….). I didn’t know there was a shooting until the police knocked on my door and asked if everything was alright (after seeing 10+ people wandering around with flashlights).

    I saw the cops find atleast three shell casings last night, not sure if there were more.

  6. 911 page shows fire and aid calls, not police. Police may also show up to fire/aid calls, but their equipment isn’t listed. If the call is police only, it won’t show up at all.

    One hint, though, is that there are gaps between some of the incident numbers on the 911 page – usually just one or two consecutive numbers missing. I’ve always assumed that the missing incident numbers are police-only calls.

  7. it was definitely 7 shots. i heard 4, then 3 more. i played back the game to see if there was some popping during the game. started walking out of my house, then decided against it, even with a large dog

    wrt to dread lock description, there is a gentleman who walks all over that area with long dreadlocks and seems to know most of the characters in the area. wonder if they were long dreadlocks.

    edit: i’ve been informed that my rash assumption was just that–rash. sometimes being rash is easier than being patient and thoughtful, at least for me.

  8. I saw the guy struggling to jump the fence and called 911 right away. After jumping, he walked very calmly to avoid suspicion, crossed the alley and got in the neighbor’s unfenced backyard. I was with 911 on the line and they connected me directly with a female officer that was in the area (she was asking for info on the suspect). I saw the police came and checked the backyard of the house on 26th (from which the suspect came from) but did not see them checking the neighbor’s backyard to where the suspect go). I don’t have stats, but things seem to be gettign worse. Before was more like teenagers throwing rocks and firecrackers at your house but now there are some serious violence going on (this is waht is belief to happen when small crimes go unpunished, they escalate). I wish I knew what’s the plan to deal with this and how can we help besides reporting.

  9. I only saw a couple of officers with flashlights checking the backyard o fthe house on 26th. The 911 people told me officers would come by my house to talk to me but they never did. I was actually very surprise how little response this serious episode got. Sometimes when there is a house disturbance at the infamous red and white house on the corner of spring and 27th you see several police cars. I did not see a single car this time (but this does not mean there weren’t any:)).

  10. The shooting occurred right in front of my house and I thought the police response was actually pretty good. After hearing the shots and diving to the floor, I dialed 911 and waited on hold for what seemed like 30-40 seconds. As I was speaking to the 911 operator a squad car turned onto 26th. They were here in less than 2 minutes. The immediate area was soon swarming with officers, and they were on scene for close to two hours.
    They say this shooting may be linked to another shooting earlier in the evening near Rainier Beach.
    This BS needs to stop. But how?