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Are you missing a black cat?

Last evening a young black cat showed up in our yard (500 block of 27th) and latched itself on to my 14 year old son. The cat was very friendly and talkative. After we came inside for dinner it continued to meow, taking turns at our front and back door. When we opened the door the cat came right in and jumped on my son who was sitting on the couch, as I said…. very friendly cat. we took him/her outside and gave it some tuna which it wolfed down. This morning it pops up at the kitchen window to keep my son company during breakfast and has been hanging out on our deck since. I tried to take some pics of the cat but that was almost impossible as the cat just wants to play. The pics I have are taken through my kitchen window…. which seems to need cleaning!

If you’re missing a black cat, small, skinny with claws, very friendly and meows a lot, let me know.

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  1. Call him Jake and see if he comes! I have a very friendly black cat who may have gotten lonely since we were away last week (though he was being taken care of)… He isn’t that playful so maybe it’s not him, but just make sure you let him come home at night!

  2. I called him Jake and he comes, but if I call him anything he comes….. he just wants attention. He keeps trying to come inside but we try to keep him outdoors so he can go home at night if he wants to. But he was looking in the kitchen window at 5:30 AM today so he didn’t go far. So I don’t know if he’s your cat, you’re welcome to come by if you want to check.

  3. According to a notice on a telephone pole near my house, a black cat is missing from near here. It has a white belly – I forget the rest of the description – it’s from the 14xx block of 24th Ave. I left them a phone message referencing your post.

  4. This cat doesn’t have a white belly, it’s all black and is still looking through my kitchen window at 10:00 PM! Thanks for checking though.

  5. Sounds like our next door neighbor’s cat, at 919 27th. He’s very friendly and the other day almost got locked in our garage as I was leaving (which would have been an unpleasant few days for the poor guy had it happened). Oh, and if it is him he isn’t afraid to make a point to use claws/teeth if you try to encourage him along.

  6. I’ll put a collar on mine tonight so you can see.. assuming the collar stays on him long enough! sounds too friendly to be my guy though..