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Rainier Valley Post Running Great Poem about the CD

Is there significance to the youtube that shows up on the Rainier Valley Post frontpage — for some time now?  >

It’s a great performance poem.  By a really good poet.  Just disconcerting to see it when I go looking for info about our neighbors to the south.  Are we not doing our job up here? 

“Central District” Laura ‘Piece’ Kelly >

0 thoughts on “Rainier Valley Post Running Great Poem about the CD

  1. I don’t know if this is what you meant but is seems like you are saying I can’t be proud of a Seattlite that did a good job at something because they are from the CD and I am not. I give you more credit than that but watch how you phrase comments about a 30 year long turf war.
    P.S. If you are saying we shouldn’t think fondly about the district I have some homies that have some poems saying less than favorable things about the district.

  2. I am saying it is a fantastic poem that I would have loved to have seen on a CD venue. Glad RVP recognizes the quality.

  3. Why not just ask us?

    Also might want to proofread that first sentence…

  4. Who cares who posts it first or takes ownership, just spread the wealth. It’s awesome and I think it should be posted far and wide.

  5. Sorry for the confusion it was a sarcastic question. RVP does an especially stellar job covering cultural work. Part jealousy and part pointing the finger at us posters to try to do more along those lines.

  6. From the RVP: The first time I saw Laura “Piece” Kelley on-stage, I knew my daughter had to know her, not just because they’re both performers or brown girls with big hair and even bigger attitudes, but because Piece is a soulful artist whose work – and audience – defies narrow classification… Read more: