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Stolen Japanese Maple Tree

Our japanese maple tree was stolen today by 25th & Olive. The tree was in a pot and visible from the street. The tree was about 4 feet tall and 3-4 feet around, in an “umbrella” shape. The thief/thieves were brave enough to climb a wall from the sidewalk and walk up on top of our elevated patio. Dig the tree out of a heavy pot, drag it back down to the street. This is all clearly visible from the street. It amazes me how brave these people are. We’ll probably never see it again. But in case someone sees something unusual like someone selling a maple tree or a neighbor planting one in the next few days.

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  1. and so brazen and obnoxious. We all need to be looking out for one another. There has been some trespassing and burglaries on 24th this past week…here comes summer.

  2. I had two small trees stolen from our yard a little over a year ago. Only in Seattle will you run into a green thumbed thief.

  3. Blackandtan – that is pretty funny! “Only in Seattle!”

    Who knew somebody wanted that tree that much to go through that trouble. Oh well, it could be worse.

  4. One of my friends had their composter (which was completely full of compost) stolen. It must have weighed a ton, and we never figured out if they stole it for the compost, or the composter itself. It wasn’t anything fancy… maybe they needed some fertilizer for their stolen plants ;-)

    (Yet another way Minneapolis & Seattle are similar, I guess – garden thieves!)

    I’ll keep an eye out for your tree!

  5. The morons who stole it do not realize it is past the time to replant trees of that size. Probably die. What a waste!

  6. A few years ago someone stole a small monkey puzzle tree from my front yard. It had been planted about three years, was about two feet tall, and someone dug it up out of the ground and hauled it off.

    I took it kind of personally, assuming it was actually some competent gardener who had decided the tree needed rescuing from my not-green thumb. Like a gardening intervention…

  7. We had 2 6+ foot topiaries weighing over 200# each swiped from our front porch @ 25th & E John. I hope they hurt their back . . .

  8. Let them try and steal a plant from me…..i will set the my german shepards on them asap……. sick’em boy……

  9. What do you mean by trespassing??? on 24th??? m??
    If i ever see anyone tresspassing on my property casing my place of home…there will be no questions asked I will
    run out there with my gun in toe and my baseball bat these criminals need to be taught a lesson….no questions ask i iwll protect my home and family if any of this crap happens to me… Neighbors need to look after one another..IS there some neighborhood watch program in the area?????? IF there is’nt we as a community need to start one up….a benefit for all…..and a big deterent from criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. We do have a neighborhood watch on 24th, but unfortunately it’s not completely ’round the clock; apparently these things happened in the dead of night (which, btw, it seems to be just as easy for someone to trespass in the “dead of day” with everyone at work).

  11. Our neighbors had talked about their bamboo being stolen recently. I thought it was rather odd but seems that there is a pattern of stealing other folks trees and plants. The only thing I can think is that gardeners or landscapers are stealing from one person’s yard and then planting them in someone else’s yard and then keeping the profit of what they would bill the homeowner for a tree that size. Unless of course there is some other unexplainable reason for the Green Thumb Bandit.

  12. Several years ago, my neighborhood crack addicts took great delight in stealing the large planters I had in the front of my house.It happened 3 years in a row. I agree with the comment about the hurting back because mine were totally heavy. I was able to follow the dropping blossoms to a house around the corner where the owner would accept planters and plants in exchange for a place to sleep and get high. When I went with the police, we saw many trees, planters and containers that really did not look like they were part of the planned landscape. Of course I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t have my name on the containers and my plants refused to identify themselves as belonging to me. The man eventually passed away and I haven’t had a planter disappear since. It was additionally painful because my Mother, who suffers from Alzheimers, took great delight in sitting and looking at her beautiful flowers. That brings me to this new wave of plant thefts and the fact that someone took my recycle bin last week within 5 minutes of it being emptied. I was in the back yard when I heard the truck, saw the man empty it and went to get it 5 minutes later and it was gone. I do remember hearing the sound of wheels rolling but I thought maybe one of my neighbors were taking theirs in. I couldn’t fathom why someone would take it until I read this and wonder if it would make a convenient “getaway” vehicle for a tree or large plant. The shame of it all.