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Neighborhood Students Named Youth Scholars

Congratulations to five students from Meany Middle School and Madrona K-8 that have been named Youth Scholars by Mayor Nickels. The award is given every year to kids that show an outstanding commitment to their schools and communities.

Ramadan Ahmed, an 8th grade student at Meany, collects canned and nonperishable food for the food bank, helps his neighbors, clears garbage from the street and nearby parks, and plants trees and flowers to improve his neighborhood. In the future he hopes to form a nonprofit organization to build schools and dig wells in poor countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, and he also would like to help orphaned kids. 




Mohammed Jagana, a 7th grade student at Meany, has wowed school audiences with his performances of “We are the World” and “I Believe I Can Fly”, speaks out against gange violence, helps with child care at his church, and tutors elementary school students.  Mohammed’s principal says that he “is well liked by students and staff. His smile and positive attitude encourage all who come in contact with him.”



ReTaya Crenshaw, a 7th grade student at Madrona K-8, volunteers at AIDS awareness, breast cancer and domestic violence meetings and helps educate youth on those topics.  Her principal says “RaTaya cares deeply. She is not afraid to be herself, is proud of who she is, and is an amazing young woman who will do something important with her life.”

Taylor Gaston, a Madrona 7th grader, gives back to the community by volunteering at her church, at the Boys and Girls Club, and at a women’s shelter. According to a teacher, Taylor “is a role model for her peers because she makes education a priority regardless of the pressure around her.”

Maleika Thomas, also a 7th grader at Madrona, has risen above challenges in her family life to help tutor other students.  She has also helped the environment by promoting recycling in her community.

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  1. Thanks for doing all of the diverse reporting that you do. Congratulations to these kids-I hope they get to see this!

  2. Thank you to these kids, and to others who do similar good things!

    I’m delighted to see the highlighting of positive achievements – so much of current news is so grim that we miss getting to know some of the great people in our commmunity.

  3. Mohammed, you and I have yet to meet. I am your Aunt Rener in New YORK and I look forward to meeting you one day soon. Itis so great to see young black boys into great things in life We only read about the bad never the good things that you all do.Keep it up We are all proud of you and I hope to meet you real soon. Loveto all of the family. Aunt Rener