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Stimson Bullitt, RIP

With today’s news of the passing of Stimson Bullitt, we went back into our video archives from last February when he spoke at the dedication of the history wall at Homer Harris park. I remembered his quiet but thoughtful speech at that event, where he mentioned having sought out Mr. Harris because of a personal quest to “meet the best people”, having heard of Mr. Harris’s legendary performance on Garfield’s football team.

Mr. Bullitt was the son of KING Broadcasting founder Dorthy Bullitt, and an heir to that old timber, real-estate, and broadcasting fortune.  He served for a time as president of KING Broadcasting.

One of his most visible landmarks left on the city is the large Harbor Steps development along first avenue near the market.

Mr. Bullitt was 89.

0 thoughts on “Stimson Bullitt, RIP

  1. I suspect Mr. Bullitt was the anonymous donor of $1,300,000 that made the park possible.

  2. Thanks for this memory, Scott – the dedication was a special event in many ways.

    I actually met Dorothy Bullitt once, when I arrived in Seattle in 1961 and was interviewed by her for a secretarial job at KING. (I wasn’t chosen). I had been in town only a few days and had no idea at the time who she was, and unfortunately I barely remember her, except for the general impression that it was a privilege to be in the same room with her and to talk with her (mostly based on the reaction of people that I told about the interview afterward).

  3. Thanks so much for posting this video, Scott. What a wonderful memory to have of a wonderful man. We’ll miss Stim.

  4. Climbed with Stim at Joshua Tree and at Liberty Bell, remarkable man with a quiet energy and enthusiasm, good memories, took the cover shot of him sillouheted climbing for the cover of his book at Joshua Tree.
    Now living in Australia, thanks for the memories Stim, RIP.