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Shots fired at Garfield Ezell’s Parking Lot

I just heard eight gun shots followed by the sound of a heavy vehicle acceleration in the area of Garfield. 911 has received numerous calls. Black male, teen-20s,  seen running Eastbound. The shooter threw the gun over the fence at 2200 E James fleeing Westbound in a maroon sedan. Unknown if anyone was hit.

Update: Witnesses at the scene say that the shots came from inbetween Jefferson and Cherry on 22nd.

Update x2: Police have confirmed that the crime scene is at Ezell’s at 23rd & Jefferson.

Update x3: by scott – I just got back from the scene. Luckily there is no human victim. Police were looking for shell casings in the back corner of the parking lot, near the dumpsters.  A white cadillac that was parked there was hit by about 8-9 bullets.  It appears that the owner was just there to pick up some chicken and otherwise uninvolved.  No one at the scene could say what the target of the shooting might have been.

Police were also looking around neighboring properties for any evidence from the shooting, and other officers were poking around in the 2200 block of E. James for the gun that was reportedly dumped by a fleeing suspect.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos – didn’t have a tripod.

An interesting side story:  A the scene I met the guy who was the victim in this shooting from February.  Said he was sitting at the light at 23rd & Jackson in his Cadillac when suddenly someone opened fire from the Starbucks parking lot.  His windows were blown out, and he took off out of fear.  He said it was a case of mistaken identity, and that he now wants to get rid of the Cadillac since they seem to be frequent targets.

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  1. There’s also a red Winstar van related to the shooting that was also possibly involved with a hit and run that injured a bicyclist, I forget where. It was last seen westbound on 9th & Pine and has a side mirror missing, so if anyone sees that, call it in! I’m thinking that it was probably headed for the I5 Northbound express lanes. I can never remember if that’s on Pine or Pike.

  2. A kid was shot earlier today in south Seattle-life threatening injuries per the Pi.. Maybe this was the retaliation?

  3. I don’t think they’re related. Dispatch clarified that the suspect driving the van is a white male, while the suspect here is a black male.

  4. I too heard the shots, I live about two blocks from ezelles. I continue to be at a loss for how to respond, anger, fear and sadness are about as far as I get. Any ideas about organizations or community groups doing good work out there? I moved to this area back in December and am now ready to get more connected and active. Any ideas would be helpful.

  5. I heard the shots too! We saw darkness. And some birds, possibly bats. Maybe we wern’t facing in the right direction. I did have a dream of a man, a big man, with a swann neck tattoo running. All I can offer. FYI…this is what nice weather brings.

  6. According to the 10:00 news someone also shot up a caddy (a grey one) in Seatac this afternoon….
    I can’t say I blame the guy who wants to get rid of his.

  7. Here is an article about the shooting in SE today. Seems like these things have been connected and back and forth for many months. Our two communities ought to be able to get together on this stuff…

  8. Get to know your neigbors! Unfortunately, mine have been pretty keep-to-themselves, but there is no better way to know what is going on in the ‘hood around you.

  9. Okay, last I heard was a city wide broadcast from dispatch asking officers to look for the van as it was wanted in relation to the shooting, around 9 last night.

  10. I’ve noticed a pimped out version of my car around the neighborhood. I hope that guy never gets in trouble and gets me into one of those mistaken identity shootings.

    In fact, maybe everyone could just stop shooting each other altogether? Whatever happened to gangland dance fights?

  11. Yeah, we get a lot of this here in Wallingford. Kids from Fremont come over and call our kids sissies. Then our kids go back over to their side and diss their daddies’ law firms. Then they come back and call our Mamas ‘stroller-mom b•tches’.

    It gets really ugly up here.

  12. Get Involved: Drug-free Schools in the CD

    If you’ve got school-age kids or a civic interest in reducing the impact of drugs among our neighborhood kids, here’s a chance to become more involved. The school district has recently received a large 5-year “Drug Free Communities” grant to attack drug use among kids in the Central District, and they’re looking for parents and neighbors to get involved and help in the effort.

    They’ll be focusing on 5 key schools: Garfield, Nova/Meany, Washington Middle School, and Madrona K-8. The goals of the program are to:

    Work with students, staff, and parents to reduce alcohol, tobacco, and hard drug use
    Make sure that drug and liquor policies around the neighborhood are properly enforced
    Work on neighborhood environmental design such as lighting to discourage drug dealing and generally increase safety

    The program will be run by Randy Beaulieu from Seattle Schools, and the board is chaired by SNG’s Sita Das, who you may know as the organizer of the monthly EPCPC meetings.

    They’re trying to get everything organized…

  13. To integrate into your neighborhood, please try to come to the Squire Park Community Council’s quarterly meeting from 10-12 on Saturday, at the old firehouse on 18th between Cherry and Columbia, (As per the newsletter delivered to your door, I hope.) Even if you are a bit outside the SPCC neighborhood (12th to 23rd, Jackson to Union) you will be welcome. Bruce Harrell, city councilman, will respond to questions; also a rept from Seattle (Public)Housing Authority–about its plans for a HUGE expansion of the Yesler Terrace SHA apartments (via highrises on adjacent land…). Also, no doubt, there will be open talk about the Goodwill/Dearborn projec, since SPCC is a member of CARD opposing present plans for a HUGE, private car-supported big-box mall and offering new ones more amenable to the city and neighborhood urban planning agenda for more affordable (worker oriented) housing in pedestrian-friendly and common open-spaced environments. Maybe more thoughts about CASA LATINA….AND any just and sustainable community-affecting issues you want to raise or support. Around 50 people will likely attend a well-run, diverse group meeting. And there’s snacks, coffee (bring your own cup) courtesy local merchants…