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Police activity S 26th Ave / S Washington St

Police activity involving my neighbors here at 26th and Washington, involving at least 4 cars and, which may or may not involve my upstairs neighbors, I’m not sure. Any information?

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  1. …or at least my partner and dog did (I’m a heavy sleeper). There was some exchange including a “get on your knees” and a “I don’t have a gun.” Scott, could you pull the 911 records?

  2. 11:15pm – 200 block of 26th Ave S – Caller reported that a man in front of their house was trying car door handles. Someone confronted him, and he opened up his jacket to display a gun. Black male, large white t-shirt, baggy jeans.

    Suspect was caught and ID’d by the complainant.

    A Deandre D Williams was booked into King County Jail at 2:38am for Vehicle Prowling.

  3. I was the complainant on this…doing everything we can to make the neighborhood safer!

  4. Excellent work, I live on the corner and am very sick of this. My girlfriend and roommate have both had things stolen from their cars. Girlfriend had car windows broken twice in order to steal relatively minor things, my roommate has had his trunk emptied numerous times (but then, you can’t really secure Hondas, we’re finding out), and his car stereo stolen once (the one time he didn’t take the faceplate out), and I had my car broken into and the ignition lock broken in a failed car theft attempt.