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From the warm, sun-soaked streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. Any more info on this incident? A neighbor told me it was an inordinate amount of police response to be a simple assault. At least a half dozen squad cars outside Starbucks.

    5:36PM – 23rd S. & S. Jackson – Assault – Details are murky, but someone was assaulted around 23rd & Jackson. Lots of backup requested by officers, and lots of yelling was audible in the background

  2. I happened upon the scene before the police arrived and saw some of the incident and received this synopsis from the small crowd gathering. A young female was “side swiped” by an automobile. The person who may or may not have struck her, promptly pulled into the parking lot. A man then approached as the driver was being loudly spoken to by the victim and her friend. The man told the driver that he was a witness and she did not hit the young woman. The victims friend then went literally balistic on him and had to be physically restrained by the victim because she was going to “kick his a**” for being a witness for the driver. Go figure. The friend was totally out of control to the point you had pity her for her total lack of understanding. I was there for about 3 minutes before the police arrived and when they did, they bought a mighty presence. The first officers immediately got out of the car and were telling the friend to come to them. She hestitated a heart beat too long and they were all over her. They immediately slammed her on the hood of the police car and started frisking her. She kept yelling that she didn’t have anything on her, and while she was squirming to tell the officers this, her pants started sliding down. She kept asking them to let her pull her pants up because they were now below her private area. Most of the people around me felt there was some prior relationship between the officer and the friend. There were 4 police cars and 2 gang unit vehicles. It was a lot for a little. Several adults stepped forward to try to calm the friend and the police in a helpful manner. Not sure of the outcome but it was quite a scene and unless she is a previously convicted murderer, a little bit of overkill I’d say.