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Around the CD in 31 Days

At the beginning of March, I decided to make an effort to visit as many places in the CD as I could. We’re in the middle of a crappy economy and I wanted to to support local businesses and see if I could get what I needed (so to speak) without leaving the CD . While I didn’t make it to as many places as I wanted, I did start to pay better attention to places in the neighborhood and kept a list.

I’m posting that list here. If there’s an entry in the Reviews Section of CDNews, it’s listed in italics. If there’s not a review or you’ve been to these places — please submit one! I’m sure I missed a ton of places, so I’d love to hear your recommendations and suggestions.


  • Mezzaluna (26th and Judkins)
  • Café Presse (12th and Madison)
  • Watertown (12th and Jefferson) 
  • Northwest Tofu (20th and Jackson)
  • Cafe Stellina (12th and Madison)



  • Mezzaluna (26th and Judkins)
  • King Creole Louisiana Gumbo & BBQ (31st and Cherry)
  • Northwest Tofu (20th and Jackson)
  • Moonlight (20th and Jackson)
  • Lemongrass (12th and Jefferson)
  • Lark (12th and Spring)
  • Waids (12th and Jefferson)
  • Hidmo Eritrean (20th and Jackson)
  • All Purpose Pizza (29th and Jackson)
  • Central Cinema (21st and Union)
  • Ezells (23rd and Jefferson)
  • Mesob Ethiopian (14th and Jefferson)
  • Addis Ethiopian (13th and Jefferson)
  • Meskel Ethiopian (26th and Cherry)
  • Ade Abeba Ethiopian (22nd and Union)
  • Assimba Ethiopian (Cherry and MLK)
  • Northshore Hawaiian BBQ (Yesler and Boren)
  • Catfish Corner (MLK and Cherry)
  • Watertown (12th and Jefferson)
  • Thompson’s Point of View (23rd & Union)
  • Ginger Lime (12th and Columbia) — recommended for Pho
  • Ti Amo pizza parlor (12th and Columbia)
  • Shodai Teriyaki  (MLK and Union)
  • Cafe Stellina (12th and Madison)


  • Twilight Exit (25th and Cherry)
  • Licorous (12th and Spring)
  • Waids (12th and Jefferson)
  • Café Presse (12th and Madison)
  • Bottleneck Lounge (24th and Madison)



  • Red Apple (23rd and Jackson)  — greatly improved produce section, better organic section
  • Grocery Outlet (MLK & Union)
  • Safeway (23rd and Madison)
  • Franz Bakery outlet (20th and Jackson)
  • New Town Market (12th and Columbia)
  • Madison Market (16th and Madison)
  • Trader Joes (17th and Madison)


Pet Supply

Plant Store


  • 2 Big Blondes ladies plus size consignment shop (25th and Jackson)
  • La Waltz (18th and Union) – going out of business
  • Zizi’s (22nd and Union)


  • Langston Hughes Cultural Center (17th and Yesler)
  • Central Cinema (21st and Union)
  • NW African American Museum (23rd S and Massachusetts)


  • Samarya Center – Yoga (18th and Yesler)
  • Studio 17 Oh 1 – Dance Studio (1701 23rd Ave)
  • Cappy’s Boxing Gym (21st and Union)
  • Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu (21st and Cherry)
  • Seattle Kajukenbo – Kung Fu for men and women and kids (22nd and Union)
  • Medgar Evars Pool (23rd and Cherry)
  • Every Body Health and Fitness (22nd and Jackson)
  • YMCA (23rd and Olive)
  • Groovy Dancer (18th and Union)
  • Feminist Karate Union (15th and Jackson)


  • Couture Nail Salon (20th and Yesler)
  • Good Hair Salon (20th and Yesler)


  • Vocational Institute (21st and Jackson)
  • Seattle Film Institute (23rd and Olive)
  • Pratt Art Institute (20th and Jackson)
  • Giddens School (20th and Lane)


  • Sakahara & Hashimoto, LLC (16th and Jackson)


For the Kids

  • Rotary Boys and Girls Club (19th and Spruce)


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  1. At the moment I don’t have time to write a review for and before this posting was not sure how some of the places on 12th Avenue placed regarding area, but if the Lark, Caffe Presse and Stumptown Coffee are to be included then Stellina’s deserves a great review, along with Madison Market.

    The owner’s of Cafe Stellina’s also live in the Central District and were responsible for originally opening a coffee shop where Katie’s is now located.

    Trader Joe’s should also be mentioned although I don’t like all the plastic wrap.

  2. Where the NW African American Museum in the I-90 Lid park? This is on the southern border.

  3. Thanks! Usually I’m on foot so I never walked down that far. Will definitely update the list.

  4. I debated adding places like Lark and Presse to the list, but to me, they fall within the boundaries of the CD. I feel like if Ezells or an Ethiopian place had opened where Presse or Lark are located, they would be in the CD instead of “South Capitol Hill.” I found a past interesting discussion about CD boundaries here:


    I’d love to see a review of Cafe Stellina — I hope you have time to add it to the review section.

  5. You’ve got to try Ade Abeba at 22nd and Union for Ethiopian food. Spicy, flavorful, nice room, the injera comes warm, nice people. And Zizi’s next door is a bazaarette with things you never knew you needed. Like good halvah and beautiful scarves and interesting soap

  6. Thai/Vietnamese food on 12th & Jefferson- the Lemongrass. There’s decent pho on 14th and Cherry too, next to the Ti Amo pizza parlor. I think it’s called Ginger Lime. I wouldn’t go there for anything other than pho, though.

  7. Also, TJ’s is actually 17th & Madison, and Madison Market is at 16th & Madison.

  8. Thanks for mentioning us. We would also like to add our daughters school The Giddens School they are on 20th and Lane. Also, if you are looking for insurance we reccommend Sakahara and Hashimoto, also in the hood

  9. For those of us who still have our own wheels, don’t forget local small biz Easy Auto Repair at 21st & Union. $24.95 oil changes: less than Jiffy Lube.

    I posted a review last weekend, so they’re on the local list of businesses. Give ’em a try and please post a review.

  10. Thanks to everyone for giving feedback! I’ll keep adding the recommendations to the list as they come in. Please submit a review if you can! Links to the reviews will be added as things come in.

  11. A group like this sounds great. I noticed this last time I was in Ballard — a lot of the shops were promoting buying locally from Ballard shops, and I think even giving discounts if you were shopping at local places/restaurants. As we develop more centralized areas for retail, I hope something like this could take off.

  12. I had to double-check the list a couple of times, because it’s so thorough–but there’s also Assimba Ethiopian restaurant on Cherry at MLK. They are super nice there!

    Up here on the North end of the district, Madison Valley has a bunch of shops and restaurants worth noting–because the list would otherwise be even bigger, these are just ones I really like (all on Madison St):

    Lunch / Dinner:
    Chinoise Cafe
    Harvest Vine
    La Cote Crepiere
    Voila! A French Bistrot
    Teriyaki Bowl

    Bakeries / Cafes:
    Arosa Cafe
    Bella Dolce
    The Essential Bakery Cafe
    Famous Northwest Catering Co.

    Pet Supply:
    All the Best Pet Care

    Picture Framing:
    Fast Frame

    Acupuncture / Chiropractor / Massage:
    Glow Natural Health

    Peahi Pilates

    City Peoples

    (I probably left out some . . . maybe will remember more later.)

  13. Please don’t forget our Rotary Boys and Girls Club located on 19th and Spruce. It has been there since 1954. They offer a variety of afterschool programs. More than 100 kids attend the club on a daily basis. It’s a positive place for kids and teens.