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Anyone remember Shariah at 23rd & Union?

Seattle Tiles, 4/27/09: Seattle militant to testify in high stakes terror trial

Ujaama returned several times to Seattle, where he attended the Dar-us-Salaam mosque on Union Street.

The now-closed storefront mosque was dominated by a small group of militant Muslims, who attempted to create their own “Seattle Taliban” — armed patrols drove out neighborhood thugs and junkies, and enforced a version of the strict Islamic Shariah law on the neighbors. Women were required to cover their heads and Muslims who failed to pray were sometimes beaten, according to police reports and interviews.

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  1. It was located in the brick building that has been knocked down. The entrance for that group was on 22nd and E.Union and certainly anyone living nearby would have had no reason to complain. The corner was quiet and clean. I suppose that only someone directly involved with the group would have had any reason to question “goings on” there.

  2. It always amused me that after the mosque closed (the adherents split into two factions, and the “good guys” moved a short distance away and the “bad guys” closed up shop at that location), Ralph Nader opened an office in the same building, a few doors east.

    I still miss the hardware store that used to be next to the mosque.

    The earthquake of course badly damaged the building, and it was eventually demolished (I have some of the bricks from it).

  3. Thanks for the clarification! Never had read it that way in any other news article.

  4. It’s not an english word! anyways, I was a patron of Dar us Salaam and yes it made some questionable decisions, but it also kept a clean house. Only after 9-11 did words like Taliban and Shariah even matter to the general public. People must realize a true “jihadist” doesn’t want to establish an Islamic state here in the US. They want Islamic states to be freed of US influence so they can be free to practice what and how they believe. For the love of (god) please stop acting like you are scholars of this religion just because you watched a few CNN reports. I support the movement. Coming from NYC to here in 1999 and finding a community who had a 0 tolerance for bull sh*t to me was a community I wanted to be part of. Ujama is a joke. He did things for his own personal benefit and when the sh*t hit the fan he sold his “leaders” out. Gitmo is full of people who are on the real stuff who even under torture have not sold out anyone. Ujama is an American who seeked profit in the wrong circles and because he was un-Islamic about it he was punished. I am aa vet of the US Army I love this country (not the politics) and I’m in the works to re-enlist. I am a Muslim and I feel that the Taliban in it’s fundamentals was good. they are more than people walking around hitting women with sticks. Don’t let the media fool you. They cleaned house. They got rid of the shia regime which the Russians have left in charge to run the country and burned poppy fields. They did what they could with their limited resources but they lost their way. The fields are grown back (thanks UK) and anyone who is apposed to US presence is labeled Taliban. Anyways more later. I am American I love my country but that doesn’t give me the right to hate others

  5. Because the location you’re talking about was after the SPD pressured the original location to move. 22nd and union wasn’t til later. get your facts straight. The earthquake shut the corner location and the building down for good. An ujama never came back after he sold out Abu hamza. Even I a US Army vet would of shot him for that disloyalty. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. and for whoever said “Good riddance.” you must be part of the white gentrification movement too because as long as we were there 23rd and Union was clean place to walk. Go back to ballard. curse james and his family for being a rat. even non Muslims hate rats so there!

  6. mr “good riddance” is a jew. Well there’s terrorist at the synagogue up the street and they go to israel at the age of 18 to kill innocent Palestinians. I’ll see you one day on 16th I know where you are.