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Swing Classes at Miller Community Center

A friend of mine turned me on to swing classes offered right here on the edge of the CD at the Miller Community Center. I’ve taken the beginning class and I can’t recommend it enough. Offered by HepCat Productions, classes meet every Tuesday night at the center at 330 19th Ave E around 7 pm for about 1.5 hours. It’s a great workout, good way to meet people and your neighbors, and a lot of fun. Even for people with no dance experience and who are clumsy like me. Partner not required.

If you’d like more info or want to sign up, check out

0 thoughts on “Swing Classes at Miller Community Center

  1. I’ve been dancing for 10 years and I encourage everyone who’s thought about learning swing dancing to check out these classes! HepCat also runs weekly dances at the Russian Center (just a few blocks north of the Miller Community Center) on Thursday nights.

    Chris, the teacher and owner of HepCat Productions, lives in the CD, so it’s also a great way to support a neighbor’s business!

  2. I’ve taken classes from HepCat and found they were well taught and fun. I never thought I’d partner-dance, but now I love it. The music is great too.

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