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St. Patrick’s Day In The ‘Hood

Looking for a place to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland?  Here’s some options that are a safe walking distance from your door:

The Bottleneck (a CDNews sponsor) is equipped with plenty of Guinness and opens at 4pm.  They’ll also have some irish whiskey to help wash down their special cornbeef sandwiches.

And maybe it’s time to check out the new location for The Twilight Exit on Cherry. If you’re worried about lent, wikipedia says that Irish bishops often release the locals to enjoy themselves on St. Patrick’s day, so you needn’t feel too bad about putting in an order for the Twilight’s deep fried bacon or other delicacies.

Got kids in tow?  Try a pizza and a pint at All Purpose Pizza.

Let us know where you’ll be hanging out in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day In The ‘Hood

  1. has guinness on draft, maybe even harp. and i know they pour a mean $6 shot of jamiesons.

  2. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is a day off from lent, many Irish folks head to the local pub to “drown the Shamrock” with a few pints. The bar owners really like today as business is usually slow during lent. I think we might walk over to the Twilight this evening, if they have Harp there’s a pint with my name on it!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    LizE (native Irish, now living in the CD)