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Power outages: Catch 22

The people affected by these outages presumably can’t read or write about them (unless they relocate to a cafe with internet and electrons). From KING5:


(4:46 PM PDT on Sunday, March 15, 2009)

A line down near 31st Ave. E. and E. Pine Street knocked out power for about 3,000 customers. By 2 p.m., about half of those customers had service restored. The rest were expected to have power by 8.m. (PM? AM?)

The outage stretched from Lake Washington to 30th Ave. E., between E. Arlington Pl on the south and 35th Ave. E. on the north.

0 thoughts on “Power outages: Catch 22

  1. I was at St. Clouds at 9pm. There was still no power at Madrona Ale House, and several customers at the restaurant said they had no power at home.

  2. I was getting ready to go out and the power flickered but it recovered . It was about that time..

  3. Power went out at 12:20 in the afternoon. Back on 7:10pm……Tried getting info from City Light, recorded messages that office was closed until Monday. Did finally get a recorded message that stated up by 8pm that a line was down at 31st and Pine.
    An then after the power came back up, we lost Comcast (tv,internet, and phone)!
    All is well now….
    But in our area this happens with wind and snow all the time……