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Happy Birthday Bottleneck!

These neighborhood kids grow up so fast!  This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary for one of our friendly neighborhood bars (and CDNews sponsor):  The Bottleneck Lounge.

It got its start when Erin Nestor and her friends found themselves longing for a place in the neighborhood they could walk to and enjoy a cold beer. When the old Fargonian coffee shop went up for sale she teamed up with her partner Rebecca and friend Adele and started The Bottleneck.

You can join in the celebration on Saturday with free champagne from 8-9pm and free t-shirts (including a CDNews Squid tshirt).  Also, keep an eye out in the menu for our beloved Newshound who now has his own drink: 


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  1. Thanks for the sweet story, Scott. Carson’s pic is great! One question – what’s up with the squid?