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Clean Greens 2009

The Clean Greens project is getting started again for 2009. There was an initial steering committee meeting on Tuesday, and the group will continue to meet on a regular basis. Top priorities include finding equipment to turn the soil on the farm in Duvall and preparing the land for planting. The farm will be working 7 acres of land again this year.

Last year’s crop was very popular and the organic greens sold quickly. Unfortunately a flood ended the season before the entire crop could be harvested. Clean Greens will be looking for volunteer gardeners to help with the planting day again this year. The produce will be sold at New Hope Church once the harvest begins. Last year, the mustard greens were a huge hit.

Local support for this effort is vital. From volunteering to buying organic produce, you can help bring affordable organic produce to our community.

For more information on the project, go to

0 thoughts on “Clean Greens 2009

  1. We are looking forward to CleanGreens being back after the flood! We really miss the spicy Mustard Greens we were using on the pizza. The Icicle radishes are a treat too. Keep up the good work and we will be first in line at the stand when you open back up again. Post the planting schedule and we’ll see if we can bundle the kid out for a planting adventure.

  2. Thanks for the support! We’ve been talking about planting more mustard greens this year to help supply your habit. :)

  3. I’ll see if I can get an estimate for the market opening at the next meeting. First we have to get the veggies planted.

  4. At the steering committee today, we talked about hoping to open the Market by Memorial Day. We really could use a volunteer who is interested in coordinating the Market. To sign up for any volunteer opportunities, you can go to and click the link for the volunteer form.