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Theft: Honda Fit – All four wheels stolen: 22nd and Marion

Between midnight and 8:00a (2/8/09), all four wheels of our 2007 Honda Fit were stolen. The car was parked overnight in front of our house. We discovered the car on bricks (literally) in the morning. All four wheels (rims and tires) were gone. We reported it to the cops. The officer believes that it was a really quick operation with multiple people and probably took a couple of minutes – stolen probably to fit their own vehicle. People who stole the wheels knew what they were doing. As the officer didn’t see any prints on the car. The car has an alarm system so the thieves didn’t try to break into the car. According to the officer, their motive was to steal the wheels and that the thieves were not interested in the car.

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  1. I drove by you today, saw the car, and thought to myself, no way someone stole those, they must be getting new wheels. That’s crazy talk! We really need to figure out how to look out for each other ’round here. Sorry… :(

  2. Sorry to see that happened to you. I had the same thing happen to my Acura a few years ago. I recommend you use a wheel lock for your next set of wheels…they are relatively inexpensive.

  3. Sorry about your loss Scott;
    I hope this is not the economy that is forcing people to do such callous acts of theivery.

  4. Somebody must have disturbed the people trying to steal the wheels from my 1987 Civic a few years ago: a wheel fell off while I was going down MLK (and I found some of the lug nuts where the car had been parked).

    Yes I did remember the old trick of taking one lug nut off each wheel to get the wheel back on and get home and yes, I did go out and buy a set of cheap locking lug nuts from Shucks.


  5. This happened to me in Salt Lake City in 1992 on my beloved Ford Escort GT. At least they left it on blocks instead of the pavement..that was kind of them so you don’t have to redo the wheel assembly and brakes. They are quick, and ruthless, may the car they stole those for roll over and get totalled as they are now bad karma wheels.

  6. Sorry that you had to experience this. Maybe this means something really good will happen to you in the future…

  7. The same thing happened to our Acura several years ago when we lived in Bellevue. Yes, that’s right, Bellevue. The cop at the time explained that thieves will look for wheels they want on a car with no locking lug nuts — they don’t want to have to deal with them. They passed by 2 other Acuras with nicer wheels for ours, and the others did have locks on them. So buy one locking lug nut for each wheel (very cheap), and it will deter the wheel thieves.

  8. Today we got a ticket for “repairing car on street”.
    (We’re still waiting for the insurance adjuster to come out so our car is still sitting on those bricks)

  9. I feel bad for you, but sorry – the ticket made me laugh. How much was it for?? Anyways, they should apologize for issuing this ticket!!

  10. We woke to the same thing in small town Ocoee, Florida yesterday morning!! I guess they were after the alloy wheels — the things that are worth the most on my cheap (but awesome!) little car!!

  11. I just found this post while doing a search for locking lug nuts for my Honda Fit. The exact same thing just happened to us last weekend on 23rd and Stevens on Beacon Hill! Probably the same thieves – the exact same blocks put in the same location under the car. While we wait for the wheels to come in, I am shopping for a new alarm system and locking lug nuts. My body shop guy said eight cars (all Fits I think) were hit last weekend at Lynwood Honda – wheels completely gone while sitting in the lot. I try and talk to every Fit owner I see now to warn them.

  12. I owned my FIT for five days when I awoke to find my four wheels gone, parked under a light on a quiet street. Now I am getting the wheel locks put on. This quick crime is occuring around the neighborhood to different types of cars.

    Now desiring to be proactive: What anti-theft devices do people believe would frustrate those who want to or actually do break-in to the car? (Thieves who tow are a completely different issue, so I am not referring to them. Once the car is gone, it will be stripped before I even realize it is missing.)

  13. i drive a honda so i know that thieves steal these wheels because they have a lug pattern of 4×100 and fit any honda civic 2002 or older.most people that have old hondas have hubcaps or just plain black steelies so these make a nice upgrade and look really good on there cars…assholes

  14. I have a 07 Honda Fit Sport. I have had the wheels stolen twice in a six month span. After the first time I got the wheel locks but that did not stop them from taking the wheels. The second time around they put my car on blocks and they cracked damaging the car pretty badly. This time around I have made the investment in just black steel wheels. They are unattractive but hopefully it’s worth the peace of mind.

  15. I am at a hotel in Orlando and someone tried to steal my 2007 Honda fit wheels, maybe they were disturbed but they took 3 lug nuts and left. My wheel basically feel off. The AAA tow man said there was a man in the area a few months ago who had all 4 wheels stolen on his Honda Fit.

  16. Hi, there have been thefts of 4 tires and wheels from two Honda Fit vehicles parked in a condo parking lot located in the North Seattle with in the last two months. Most recent Thursday March 25th, 2010 during the night.