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Permits Filed for 23rd & Madison Development

This one surprised me when it popped up today on the city’s DPD site:

Land Use Application to allow a four-story building containing 7,696 sq. ft. of ground level retail with 30 residential units above. Parking for 30 vehicles to be provided within the structure. Project includes 1,800 cu. yds. of grading.

We covered the first design review for it back in April of last year. I don’t remember there being any further reviews to narrow down the design options, so it’s not clear which specific layout they’re planning to build.  I’ll try and get those details from the planner tomorrow.

Here’s the preferred option from last year:

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0 thoughts on “Permits Filed for 23rd & Madison Development

  1. I am supposedly on the city’s mailing list for this project, and I don’t remember getting anything since last spring.

  2. This one has just been submitted and they haven’t had the second design meeting yet; the notice on the city’s website (Scott’s link in the posting) is the first notice that goes out after the applicants submit the master use permit app. There will be another notice that is sent to people who signed up at the early design guidance meeting, letting them know about the design recommendation meeting (once it’s scheduled). First the planner has to look at this application to see if the applicant did what they were supposed to, in response to the board’s comments at the last meeting. So, if you see the plans that is what the applicant is proposing as the design now, but it could change by the time of the next design review meeting if the planner requires it.

  3. I’m pleased to see a building there and I thought the design options were really nice for that corner. But, as I said in this post: Design Review is blind to traffic impacts even though the placement of the garage affects both traffic patterns and the design of the building. It’s a flaw in the process.

    If you live on E Denny or 24th, you might want to follow this or call SDOT or something. I don’t know.

  4. Not only doesn’t the design review board look at traffic, DPD doesn’t either. You may get SDOT’s attention, but they can’t do anything the way the process is set up.