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CD News Police Scanner – 2/19

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, February 19, 2009

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  1. Is it some kind of controlled substance? I’d think they’d want to search the car b/c the driver ditched it and ran away from them.

  2. When I drove into the Post Office parking lot at about 4:30 pm, there were 15 or more young black males occupying the area between the liquor store and the bus stop on Union just east of the liquor store. They were milling around, some on the sidewalk and some in the parking lot. I did not really see what they were doing or how old they were; I was too busy trying to drive through them without hitting them.

    There were another 10-12 or so milling around further into the parking lot, from the southeast corner of the liquor store building to the coffee kiosk area.

    They did not try to intimidate me in any way, and I’m not sure they were doing anything unlawful except partially blocking access to the parking lot for a legitimate customer, but I would think this would be something that the security officer we keep hearing about would be monitoring.

    Is the problem worse this week because school is out? What does the security officer do? When is he/she there?

    The situation there certainly discourages me from going there as a customer unless I absolutely have to, and I would think that others probably feel the same.

  3. Agreed.
    I noticed a particularly large number of young people(teens) loitering by the 99 cent store/laudromat today as well. I haven’t seen the police officer in weeks…possibly months. The trash around the post office property has also increased significantly in recent weeks too. Sigh….

  4. Just another day in the centeral lmao… Atleast they dont Shoot everyday like back home in Illionis…

  5. I understood that Tom Bangasser had hired security to patrol the parking lot by the PO. Maybe the community police team (e.g. Mike Yasutake) should hear about this ongoing problem… I understood that he and Tienney Milnor (E Precinct legal attache)had been working with Bangasser.

  6. Right – that’s what we’re always told – but nobody ever seems to see the security person. I’ve been told that he or she is an off-duty SPD officer. I saw one once, but not sure if he was Tom’s person or just coming from the drop-in center. The officers who use the drop-in center are not the same ones who are responsible for patrolling the premises.

    This afternoon about 3:30 when I got off the bus there was a similar crowd visible. Again not necessarily doing anything wrong but also not appearing to be customers of any of the legitimate businesses.

    Will bring this subject up again at Thursday’s EP meeting.

  7. what is an EP meeting? I actually saw quite a bit of drug dealing occur that day out of car doors and have been hassled more than once by the groups of guys and individuals trying to mail items off for my business. I was walking on the sidewalk and a young man told me to get out of his way and walk around him. I talked to a manager “kevin” at the post office (wouldn’t give me his last name???!!) and he said he is even scared to work there these days. The head manager there is Dung Ngoyen. If everyone can complain to him in writing (or person!!)explaining their issues, something might get done for security. The owner of the property who leases to USPS needs to address the communities safety issues with this property.

  8. An EP meeting is a meeting of the East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition. It is attended by Captain Paul McDonagh, usually by Lt. Sean O’Donnell (I may have his last name slightly wrong), usually by a speaker from some related agency such as Metro, the Parks Dept., the Liquor Board, or whatever, a couple of people from Seattle Neighborhood Group (Stephanie Tschieda chairs the meeting), and LOTS of ordinary people from this neighborhood. The captain and the chairperson report on whatever is on their agenda, the speaker gives a short presentation, and the rest of the time (which is most of it) is an opportunity for everyone in the room to talk about their concerns or ask questions. The captain responds to the concerns and questions.

    The meetings are usually the fourth Thursday of the month, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, and they take place at SVI (Seattle Vocational Institution) at 22nd Ave S and South Jackson St. There is free parking in the lot in the back (enter from S. Washington St.), and the meeting is on the fourth floor. It’s quite informal. The next meeting is this coming Thursday, Feb. 26. Scott often attends and posts a write-up the next morning, so you can read about it there, but we want your input. JOIN US!!!

  9. The post office and all other lessees have signed agreements to keep their space free of illegal activities and to have problem people trespassed from their property (my legal terminology is a little shaky here). I assume the parking lot itself is Tom’s responsibility, but I’m not sure exactly how that works (I thought that’s what the security person was for). Yes, definitely, we should complain to the p.o., the liquor store, and the other retailers there and let them know how it affects our desire to do business there. We should also continue to complain to SPD and to Tom himself.

  10. It seems somehow that the complaining hasn’t made much change, maybe its even become worse lately. I saw a guy with a open handgun walking East on Spring a couple weeks ago…. I wonder if I could get together a list of people concerned and distribute this letter to the business managers/owner of property/police…I don’t think lil’ ol me is going to get much of a eyebrow lift on my own. Does anyone have the property owners address?

    Hi Carolyn, i have a toddler….could i bring her to the meeting and drop in for a minute?

  11. Yes, you can bring your toddler to the meeting as long as she’s not disruptive. Maybe we could chat for a couple of minutes, especially if you come a little early so that you don’t have to stay to the end. I’ll look for you.
    Not sure what “this letter” refers to. I think people who are concerned about this would sign an appropriate letter. Maybe you could bring a draft to the meeting? I’ll try to find Tom’s address and bring it.
    I also plan to observe this week and see if school in/out seems to make a difference.