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Central District Soup Swap: February 24

Though National Soup Swap day has passed, we’re a big proponent of using Soup Swap as a way to learn more about your neighbors. We’ve decided to host a soup swap for our neighbors that live in the Central District in Seattle.

We’re going to broadly define the CD so that if you live North of Atlantic, South of Madison, East of 14th and West of 30th, we’re inviting you!

You can check out more about Soup Swap and the craze that is sweeping the nation at

We’ll be doing a pretty standard Soup Swap (details on site):

For this swap, you’ll want to bring 6 one quart containers for frozen soup. We won’t be specifying it’s vegan or meat qualities: make what you like. It’s just important to make sure it’s in quart containers and you’ve got six!

We’ll meet at 6:00 pm at our house in Judkins Park on Tuesday, February 24th, with the Telling of the Soup and swapping to commence promptly at 7:00. We’ll have snacks and mingling can go on and on, but if you’re in dash, we should be finished by 7:30.

Of course, if you want to swap soup but can’t make the time, you’re welcome to drop the soup off or send it with someone else, but proxies pick last.

Finally, we’ll ask that everyone bring some caned foods or pasta for the St. Mary’s food bank in Jackson Place.

Email [email protected] to RSVP and to get the address.

0 thoughts on “Central District Soup Swap: February 24

  1. I attended last year’s Soup Swap and it was awesome- you leave with new friends, great stories (every good recipe has one!), and six quarts of soup. Love that this year’s is giving back to the community, too. I’ll be there with Soup on!!!!

  2. Get cooking, neighbors and attend the swap! It’s great fun, plus, your freezer is will be full of deliciousness!

  3. We always do a food bank drive with these (no point keeping canned soup in the house with so much homemade soup in the freezer)..though typically we send what food we gather over to Lifelong. We thought it might be good with this neighborhood swap to get the food over to a neighborhood food bank. Their lines are so long right now!

    We’ll have a lot to do though if we’re every going to eclipse the 90 pounds of pasta that the folks in Indianapolis gathered this year at their soup swap according to their post on the soup swap site!

  4. i would like to participate but i won’t be around on that date… hopefully i can join in next time. :-)

  5. Or you can always make some soup, send it with someone else and let them pick for you. Or just drop it off the day of, and come back later and pick up your mix of soup. You won’t meet some of your neighbors, which is part of the point and our goal, but you’d still get a cool mix of soup. ;-)