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CD News Police Scanner – 2/20

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Friday, February 20, 2009

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  1. What happens when the police get these calls? Do they arrest anyone? Do they search the premises? Thanks.

  2. They roll by and find nothing. In my neighborhood police cars are welcomed with a hootie hoo and all selling and buying is put on hold… lookouts. Sometimes they make an arrest, but those are probably the amateurs.

  3. over time. Police arrival disrupts business and eventually at least encourages the business to move out. Calls also give statistics to help advocate for city and police resources to curtail the negative activity.

    It is an action that can improve the safety for all, but no it is not a magic answer by itself. Uninterrupted activity leads to higher rates of violence. Those who are interrupted have to keep closer watch on the whole situation and are made aware that there are other folks around who aren’t part of this way of life.

  4. Get a cop on a bike, have him ride 4 hour loops around CD, replace with another guy on the next shift. Wander around the neighborhood, it’s not that big. Meet people. See who is up to what.

    Cops, not cop cars, are meaningful.

  5. When I first moved into this neighborhood my house had been empty for some time and people had become accustomed to dealing in front of it… It really did not take too long before they got it that there was someone living here and watching and that the police would be called, but for a while I’m surprised I wasn’t on a first name basis with the 911 operator…. Only once or twice was anyone actually busted, but they did move elsewhere once they figured out they could not do their business undisturbed, so I’d say absolutely yes, calling, even if it doesn’t result in anyone being arrested does help.

  6. RE: bike cops

    There are quite a few bike trained officers in the E Precinct, however staffing issues preclude them from deploying in full force – currently there are only 2 mountain bike officers that ride full time year round, and they’re tasked to dealing with the Broadway corridor and the 12 Av S & S Jackson area. I wish there were more.

  7. I really appreciate your posts, and wonder where/how you have access to the police reports. are the posted online somewhere, or do you spend lots of your time listening in through a real live scanner? i was biking home today around 5:30pm (feb 21) on union approaching 23rd when a police car came screaming up behind me and took a fast left onto 23rd. wondering what it was about, and don’t really know where/how to find out, except by checking out your posts. so thanks, and let me know if you are willing to share your source.

  8. We listen to the scanner during the day while we’re working on other projects, and type up the interesting events here on the scanner reports.