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Recovered Stolen Items

Looks like the Seattle PD made a big bust and have recovered over 500 items that were stolen in Seattle and Bellevue before Dec. 11. Apparently, you can go to one of the precincts to view the items. This isn’t necessarily specific to the CD, but given all of the burglaries in the neighborhood, you never know…

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  1. I went to he west precinct to check this out yesterday. Per usual this process isn’t easy. There are 500 photos you have to sift through on a single disc, on a single computer. There are a LOT of laptops and other things that look exactly the same. You kind of have to guess if something looks like it was yours, and record the number of that picture, and then call a ‘hotline’ number to reference the number and leave a message, with hopes that ‘someone’ will get back to you so that you can then go through the process of proving via serial number and receipt that an item is in fact yours.