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More Snow?!? – Updated x3

I stepped away for a few minutes to catch up on some household cleaning (bathtub! fun!), and came back to find snow falling and an accumulation starting on the ground.

The good news is that awesome weather-blogger Cliff Mass says that this should all turn to rain before the end of the night.  Let’s hope that’s true and that the first real workday of 2009 can proceed without a new layer of snow to foul up the commute.

We’ll update this thread with further snow news as events warrant and as our snow-weary selves can muster.

Update: 8:25pm – It’s still snowing big fluffy flakes here at world HQ, with about 2 inches accumulated on the ground. The snow on the tree limbs is really gorgeous.

Update: 10:30pm – Although the snow was predicted to stop by 10pm, it’s still coming strong here at CDNews World HQ.  There’s about 3 inches on the ground with slush on the flat arterials such as 23rd Ave.  Commenters report cars having problems now on the hills.  Metro is already cutting back on some bus service, with the #27 only going as far east as 23rd and the #2 on its adverse weather route approaching downtown.  Other routes are way off schedule, with the #48 at least 25 minutes behind and no info for the #3 or #4.  

Update: 12:44am – The snow has stopped and the major streets are starting to clear.  Pavement is visible again in most spots on 23rd Ave.  Metro has further altered some local routes, with the most notable changes to the #3 & #4, which will get to and from downtown via Jackson instead of James, using Broadway in between.  This obviously leaves off Harborview so you’ll want to get off on Broadway if that’s your destination.  Not sure if those changes will hold for the morning commute or not.

Tune in tomorrow morning and we’ll let you know how the commute is shaping up.

0 thoughts on “More Snow?!? – Updated x3

  1. I just checked the Metro Ice and Snow update page that we all learned to use a week ago.

    It was last updated December 30. Today is January 4. For the last three hours I have heard radio reports of buses and fire trucks stuck in the snow at various places on Capitol and Beacon Hills.

    Oh yes, if they are stuck in the snow, they are “operating,” right?

  2. i’ve got family traveling back home from SeaTac tonite (as I type this). I am in Arizona watching all this on the Weather Channel and fretting about my loved ones’ safe arrival. Anyone know how the roads are in the CD around 21st and Cherry? The freeway webcams on I5 look clear. I thought we were through with this craziness. If buses and trucks are getting stuck, then how about a Toyota Corolla?

  3. I’d be very careful on Cherry, Union, or any of the other steep hilly roads. I saw cars getting stuck on Union half an hour ago.

  4. We came from Wedgwood about an hour and a half ago and we did fine on Cherry to MLK to Jackson. If they take it slow, they should be fine.

  5. This worked well (in an 18 yo Corolla) during the previous snow:

    Gentle slopes on 23rd from the I90 lid up to Jackson, and then down past Garfield. We had chains on, as the snow then had been packed down to ice.

    Was out on Madison at 8 PM tonight: sane drivers getting along OK, others getting stuck.

  6. It’s a little after midnight and things are starting to get kinda slushy and melty outside.
    It isn’t raining but the snow looks like it is already starting to fade away a little. It sure was a fun surprise to have such a sudden dump.