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Another Shooting Last Night @ 14th & Madison

Remember back when we argued with Capitol Hill about who owned which side of Madison?  Maybe we should be more flexible and let them have a block or two south of there.

Last night at 12:30am one man was killed and two injured when someone opened fire at Chop Suey during a hip-hop concert.  CHS was on the ball with the first report and a lot of timely details.  Jonah had a good early report too on the Slog.  And this morning the PI reports that one of the injured men has life-threatening wounds and that one of two possible suspects has been apprehended.  

The city is off to a rocky start for 2009. I sure hope things get better soon before we end up with a Baltimore or Detroit level of violence around here.

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  1. Very sad. I hope he is ok.

    We saw some police cars and at least one ambulance at 23rd/24th and Union around 7:15ish last night. I wonder if that was related at all to this shooting.

  2. scott, i am so sick of your insensitivity to the community. I know the victims, as do lots of other people in this neighborhood. Cut the disrespect out. We are grieving a loss, praying that another loss has not already happened at harborview, and you are making geography jokes.

  3. Have you ever been to Detroit? Baltimore? DC? It’s not a joke, it’s a matter of reported crime stats. Violence is prevalent there, not here. We don’t want Seattle to become as violent as other parts of the country. I am about ready to move to Winnipeg, the Murder Capital of Canada, which still has LESS violent crime than here. I am extremely sad to hear of more loss and pain. Grieve your friends, certainly, but channel your anger correctly, at the perpetrators and not the messengers.

  4. I was not making a joke. My comment was sincere, and one of exasperation with the increasing level of violence.

  5. I felt that Scott’s remark was flippant, but not in any sense disrespectful.

    He was, I suspect, using humor to help get through yet another exasperating and painful day in our neighborhood. I’ve been guilty of the same thing:

    Scott performs an incredibly valuable service to the neighborhood – documenting these tragic killings, letting people talk about them, keeping them in the public eye are precisely what needs to be done. It provides the evidence that City government cannot ignore, and will oblige them to actually DO something!

    Humor helps in these awful times. Please cut Scott a little slack.

  6. My condolences to the family and friends of the man who was killed in the shooting .
    My prayers are with the injured and i hope for a full recovery .


  7. Scott cuts himself plenty of slack. I don’t need to do that for him. If what i am saying prompts a Scott-defense-squad so be it. And if you don’t appreciate what i’m saying so be it. I am capable of deciding what services are valuable and incredibly valuable at that. We can definitely agree to disagree on whether Scott’s approach and documentation of certain situations is respectful. This is not an isolated incident in any way. Honestly I wish you both would listen more and justify less.

    If you understand flippant and understand that 1 person is dead and another is fighting to stay alive why is a semantics argument necessary? And why do you feel the need to tell me what to do “in these awful times”?

    ALS, I’m glad you picked up what Scott was putting down about the east coast. I was speaking more to the way he began his “story” with an inside joke between a few bloggers and residents, including Andrew Taylor. The fact that he closed with his rocky generalizations and scary references to places like Detroit or Baltimore just made it all the more blatantly disrespectful or as Andrew might suggest flippant. Have a great life in Winnipeg.

  8. I have to report that both Winnipeg and Seattle both had 28 homicides total each in 2008. Guess I am staying. At least no one in Seattle cut a man’s head off on the bus with a huge knife for no apparent reason.

    Thanks to everyone for the lively debate here. If we all just rolled over with a homicide in our backyard, what kind of people would we be? Not the neighbors I want.

  9. The last thing we need is division in the CD at this time. In fighting accomplishes nothing and make the current situation worse.

    To rid this area of decades of crime we need a collective voice and immediate, continual action.

  10. My heart goes out to the family.

    But, Scott I appreciate the time and efforts you put into this blog. I think you do a GREAT job. I log on everyday. Most times this is the only way to know what is going on in the community. When I read the blog about the shooting Friday at 23rd & Union, I didn’t see it on KIROTV.Com; KING or the Seattletimes or PI. It;s not really headline news worthy to others anymore. BUT, Central District News, had the story!!!!! Thank you SCOTT.

    I have one comment: A couple of months ago, the mayor walked thru the community to talk to business owners and listen to concerns of those in our community. (Scott, I was stopped by Rev. Ransford and didn’t get a chance to tell you)I sent a post to the CDN and Scott was all over it. I saw you there Scott and I thought how great it was for you to follow and cover the story.

    I was so extremely disappointed that there was not an OVERWHELMING show of community for this opportunity. I understand that the mayor has not come or responded when “we” ask him too, but this made it a better opportunity to show him our concerns and let him know how we feel. At the end of the walk, there was food and a time to gather and talk. Another lady and I were the only community people there, outside of his orginal staff following. I couldn’t believe it.

  11. I was also at the community walk with the mayor (the one on December 6 – maybe it was a different one), and I talked at length with him and Chief Gil K and several city department heads. There were also other “just plain people.” I think we were so scattered, because we took turns going into various buildings on account of space limitations, that it was not clear how many of us there were – and some people were able to participate in only a few segments of it because it lasted several hours, so they sort of jumped in and out of the group.

    I think he does these walks in each area about once a year – I thought it was very worth while, not only for the opportunity to talk with Hizzoner and the others but to go into local establishments that I previously hardly knew were there.

  12. Scott Love what you do with the site if people feel that yoou cross the line then they don’t need to read the blog anymore. I really appreciate all of the valuable info that you provide for us on this site.

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