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How can we help?

After a long day of travelling into the too foggy and therefore closed for a while Seattle airport, I finally got a chance to watch the inauguration speech ( Wow. I finally understand what my parents thought about the promise of Kennedy, and their parent’s parents (and etc…) thought about the promise of the US in the first place. I feel moved.

The sentiment of today leads me to ask, “Where can I help?” We find it useful to have a list of neighborhood businesses and restaurants, so why not a list of volunteer and support organizations in the neighborhood that could use help??

Note to CDNews – it might be nice to have a separate list of “helpful organizations” in the hood with reviews and comments just like a “business”. For now, can everyone please note any groups that we can help out?!

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  1. Good idea about maybe a tag or area or something.

    I think it is a two way street, groups posting here and on

    for example and many groups do. has service front and center.

    The interesting part will be to see if people running the myriad of projects in the community will contribute to such listings….

  2. YMCA, Garfield Community Center, Seattle Public Library, Garfield Teen Life Center, many projects by Neighborhood Associations, Seattle Emergency Preparedness is looking for people to help create prepared neighborhoods, clean up the traffic circles, Black Dollar Days Clean Greens… work on a block party on night out this summer…

    Think about what YOU would like to do and how much time you could spend realistically. A few hours a month can make such a difference!

  3. I added a new “Organizations” category to the review system, so you can add and comment on anything. Post a review here

  4. this school is in the CD – it is a school for homeless children. It also has a re-unification program reuniting parents with children released from prison. Great organization!!!

  5. Seattle Works ( is a great way to connect with volunteer opportunities.

    We also have a Boys & Girls Club on 18th or 19th, north of Yesler. I don’t know of specific opportunities, but they typically have volunteer needs.

  6. The Operation Nightwatch “dispatch center” (where, each night, referrals are made for some of the homeless persons seeking temporary shelter) is at 14th and Main. That is also the address of an apartment building operated by Operation Nightwatch housing 20+ permanent residents.

  7. Madrona K-8 has several service and volunteering opportunities, including working in classrooms, 1:1 tutoring in reading or math and office/administrative tasks. If you’re interested in helping, please contact me (Michelle) at [email protected]. Thanks