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Feet in the Street

(I know it’s on the calendar, and part of Joanna’s story, but this needs front page attention!)

March and Rally to Stop closures/Support Schools

Sunday, January 25, 2pm @ TT Minor School, 1700 E Union
March to Garfield Community Center, 2323 E Cherry
Rally 2:30-5pm.  Come anytime!  This is an all-city, family-friendly event with music, food and good comapny.  Come share your school’s success stories, voice frustration, or just find out what’s going on!

Sponsored by ESP Vision

Seattle children, families and communities need your help. On January 29, the Seattle School Board will vote on the school district’s “capacity management” proposal.  This proposal lacks transparency, disproportionately impacts minority and low income students and does not improve education or equity in the district. The proposed school closures will impact 3,500+ students and will not meet the stated budget or capacity goals. This plan hits hardest on the center of the central cluster (CD) and will leave vacant the TT Minor building on Union and the Horace Mann building on Cherry.  We have done our homework and know that this plan is a failure. Data analysis available here.

We need broad community support, a collation of activists, artists, educators, journalists, workers, innovators, citizens… to redirect the district’s efforts.  The challenges of our district can be met with education-centered solutions; solutions that support students, build community, achieve equality and serve our city as a whole.

Please Join us tomorrow. Your voice will make a difference.

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