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Big Electrical Outage Strikes Half of Hood

We heard an officer report traffic lights out at MLK & E. Union, so I called City Light.  Turns out that it’s a big outage, with boundaries of Pike St. on the north, King St. on the south, 23rd Ave on the west, and Lake Washington on the east.  It was first reported at 1:47pm and affects about 2000 customers.

The cause and time for restoration is unknown, but they say they’ll update the recorded message at 206-684-7400 as they get more info.

Here’s a map of the affected area:

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0 thoughts on “Big Electrical Outage Strikes Half of Hood

  1. and if the power goes out the alarm goes off and we haven’t received a call yet (fingers crossed. i don’t need to do another false alarm class).

  2. Your alarm should have a back up battery that lasts for some time, if that back up battery dies, the alarm will then go off when the power comes back on. Check to see if your alarm has a back up battery, it gives great peace of mind.

  3. they left a tag on my door last night that stated that power would be out for about 6 hours today. Live around 23rd and S. Norman

  4. My Comcast internet went out at exactly 1:47pm today and came back on at around 11:45pm tonight. The Comcast reps were actually pretty nice to me when I called about my connectivity issues. Whew! That is an epic amount of time to for me to be without internet access…anyone else have the same problem?

  5. We recieved a notice in the mail from City Light about 2 weeks ago saying that the power would be out on the 23rd for approximatley 8 hours.

  6. This was definitely a planned outage, at least on some small scale. I got a doortag the day before saying that the power would be off for 6 hours starting at 9am. At 9am a Power truck was out front (24th, just North of Judkins St) on the West side of the street replacing an old rotten utility pole with a new one. They had to wait for a couple people to move their cars so I’d guess they didn’t start working until 10am.

    Not sure if this is related to the larger power outage.