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Can You Help Find Tennesee A Home?

This handsome dog is looking for a new home. His person is having health concerns and would like to find Tennessee a new parent soon.
He is a 6 year old lab chow mix who lives mainly out of doors. He is very loyal, loves to walk and swim and comes complete with his igloo home.

If you are interested in talking or emailing more about Tennesee, please post.

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  1. Tennessee is a life long resident of the CD. His owner is going into hospice care and his greatest concern is who will adopt Tennessee. As a volunteer with the Pet Project, program of the Seattle King County Humane Society, I am facilitating introductions. You can reach me at [email protected]


  2. He lived with another dog and plays well with others at the park. He does love to chase squirrls( what dog doesn’t) I am not sure about the kids though. I haven’t seen him around the little ones. He has been a one person dog pretty much, is fine around adults. I think it would take some time. You could meet him, if you like.