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2 Health points of interest

I just read these, and thought they might interest people here.

-It has been known for some time, that a lack of sleep in humans can promote depression, weakened immune system, and obesity. But three new studies have linked Diabetes type 2 prevalence in some people to a lack of sleep. The incidence of Diabetes is on the rise, and people that report less than 6 hours of sleep a night is also increasing. I read this in Science News, Jan.3, 2009 edition.

-Public Citizen (a public advocacy group that has been advocating for human rights and health since 1971)is calling for the FDA to ban all over the counter Cold Medicines for children under 12. Medical Research has apparently proven that kids who take the medicine fare no better than kids who take nothing at all. The medicines do come with the risk of side effects. I found this in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue.

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