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Witness a snow plow in the CD?

I am wondering if anybody has seen a plow in the last few days.  Driving up and down Madison, it seemed like it had some treatment, whereas Union, Cherry, etc, appear to have had none.

See a plow?  Let me know.

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  1. I was cycling Eastbound up Union from MLK and saw one coming down the hill. They don’t scrape the compact snow and ice off the road, just level it out a bit. Lots of sand on the major streets which makes a big difference.

    With the knobby tires I can get up all but the steepest hills. I was able to bike up Orcas from Seward Park to Rainier without stopping, from the I-90 pedestrian tunnel East end up S Irving and then Judkins to 31st I had to restart a couple times. Great practice starting a bike on a hill!

  2. I saw one at 34th and Cherry. It came up Cherry and was doing a U-turn to go down Cherry. Not much snow to move, but the truck was there and plowing the little snow on top of the ice sheet. The truck may have been sanding too.

  3. I saw a snow plow heading east on Union around 1:00ish and it looked like Union was open again west of 19th.

  4. Saw a plow once early on Thursday morning after that round of snow, and another one on Saturday morning, but haven’t seen or heard one yet since Saturday evening’s snow. But According to the map Scott posted earlier this week Yesler is a secondary priority for plowing.

  5. I’ve been out walking a lot since the 18th and can report seeing two plows until now (evening of the 22nd): one on Madison (at MLK) headed towards 23rd and one going North on 23rd around Marion. Most of my walking has been on side streets though which the plows don’t go on at all.