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Dope Supply Wagon In the ‘Hood

The drug dealing has picked up around Thompson’s POV.

Two of our neighbors near 24th & Olive have separately witnessed a dark van with a white stripe, license number 068 [redacted by scott], appearing to supply the corner dealers. The van pulls up, the dealer gets in, dope is exchanged, then the dealer gets out. Both dealers have been on bikes. Very eco.

This is a similar setup to what I witnessed last summer, although the supply vehicle was a tan Mercedes sedan.

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  1. …but I did phone a neighbor who was heading out to the EPCPC meeting tonight, and he was going to pass it along. I didn’t catch his license number when I saw him with the dealer, so I didn’t have much to give to the 911 folks, but I popped out to see which way the van took off afterward. That’s when I saw it head toward Union. I walked down to Thompson’s to see if the van might be down there. Sure enough it was sitting out front, so I got the license number.

    One bike rider was a black male. If you see dudes hanging out on street corners on extremely beat up bikes, those are the guys. I’ve found if you walk up to them, say hello, then cross to the next corner and stand there like you’re waiting for someone, they’ll take off.

  2. i live on 22nd ave and i’ve seen those guys on the bikes. they’ll sometimes be the “lookout” while the deal is going down.

    I’ve seen an increase in crack smokers on my block in the last few weeks…i’m tired of calling 911 with little to no response…grrrrrrrrr
    an angry mom

    ps. we got “cased” last weekend by a guy wearing a gold coffin earring…(black male 16-18yrs old, black hoodie, baggy jeans…”the uniform”)