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2008 Election Results: CD All Blue for Obama

This afternoon we’ve had our CDNews Supercomputers crunching the precinct-level election results that were recently released by the county.

Here’s what we found:

  • The strongest support for Obama was north of Yesler and between 23rd & 31st.  (Top precinct: 37-1900, with 97.2% for Obama)
  • The least support for Obama was around Jackson St., west of 19th. (Lowest precinct: 37-1827, with 74.6% for Obama)
  • Cynthia McKinney got 0 votes in the precinct where her local office was.

The precinct with the most McCain votes in Seattle is once again Broadmoor (SEA 43-1992), where McCain got 46.2% of the vote. This was the only precinct that Bush won in the city in 2004, so even the folks in Seattle’s only gated community went more Democratic this time.

Here’s an interactive map you can use to zero in on your own area.  Just click and you’ll get a pop-up with all the details for your precinct:

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0 thoughts on “2008 Election Results: CD All Blue for Obama

  1. Something is wrong with the figuring here. First I know that McCain did not receive 424 votes here. The percentages are probably correct. I checked other precincts and they seemed to add and divide correctly. Is there a way to correct it?

    Of all precinct why would this one have to be wrong. It is just wrong.

    precinct 37-1884
    Obama: 964 (96.4%)
    McCain: 424 (2.4%)
    Nader: 2 (0.2%)
    McKinney: 6 (0.6%)
    Bob Barr: 0 (0.0%)

  2. Oops – McCain was actually 12 votes in that precinct. Now fixed. There was also a problem where all vote counts where doubled, which is also fixed.

  3. Before seeing this map I had no idea how detailed the reporting is. Do they really report in such small increments? There are only a few blocks in each zone. This astounds me. I mean, it’s cool and all, but surprising to me.

  4. The precinct is the smallest unit or organization in the voting system, and they typically have a few hundred voters in each one. So denser neighborhoods like ours will include 5 to 8 blocks of area in each precinct.

  5. I’m surprised that McCain received even 12votes but…

    I’m sure that sometime soon some of the precincts will become smaller area wise as each one is suppose to have about the same number of people and I know that the number of votes in some are large enough for sure to have some adjustments made. I can’t remember the exact number.

  6. Yay! Way to go for the 37-1900 with the highest % Obama! Proud of my neighbors! Now we just have to hunt down those 5 McCain voters… Kidding, seriously!

  7. If you polled the public on whether they supported government misinformation or senseless killing, the results would likely be even more homogenous. Is that a “disturbing lack of diversity”?