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Determined neighborhood business owner

Today’s Danny Westneat column in the STimes celebrates a Madrona business owner.  

Showing up is a show of strength


The other morning the city was serene as a sleeping child. No planes whining overhead. Few cars jostling the streets. Seattle quiet under a thick white quilt.

At my house this lasted until my kids woke up. Loudly expecting food for breakfast that I foolishly did not have.

It was 7 a.m. The city was frozen. Which was when my thoughts turned, as they often do in a pinch, to Luel.

“I bet the Ethiopians made it in,” I said to my wife as I headed out the door.

Sure enough, Luel’s shop — the Madrona Market at 33rd and East Union — was open. As it always is. No matter what. …



Luel Mengistu clears snow from the sidewalk Tuesday in front of his Madrona Market, where it was business as usual. Mengistu says he doesn't want to let the community down.

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 It’s good to know of this walk-able option for food.  I’ve been in there once or twice, normally when I was at the library and needed a snack.  They also stock Boars Head meat, which I appreciate.

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  1. I second the applause! This shop has seriously saved my behind this week, from emergency groceries when I couldn’t get out of the neighborhood, to emergency baking soda for cookies-in-progress.