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Christmas Eve Snow Update

More snow!?!  Yay?  

It’s been snowing again for a few hours.  So far it’s accumulated somewhere around an inch at CDNews World HQ. 

Roads are still a mess.  The slush from yesterday quickly refroze and appears to be more icy than ever.  SDOT says that Madison is still closed east of 23rd down to the valley at MLK.

Most buses are still suspended, including the 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, and 11.  The #48 is supposedly running its normal route in the neighborhood.

Trying to get to the airport?  Andrew wrote a great post with the most promising driving route yesterday on CHS. And don’t make your airport travel dependent on Metro.  The #194 “express” buses are running infrequently and are packed to the gills. You’re likely to be passed up at anywhere other than their first stop at Convention Place Station downtown. Cabs are hard to come by too. If you’re stuck downtown, your best bet is to go somewhere where you know they’ll be dropping folks off, such as train station at 3rd & King St. 

Do you have an Iphone and want to do a photo walking tour of the conditions today?  Send us an email and we’ll get you hooked up to do the picture and map posts of what’s happening in the ‘hood.

Be safe out there!

0 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Snow Update

  1. Your information on what’s happening in our neighborhood has been invaluable to me particularly now with the information that you provide on street conditions and bus information.

    It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Every morning, this is the first site I check! Thanks Scott and everyone who has been contributing.

    Last nite felt warm as i walked home around midnite or so, I really did not expect to see this much AM snow. I did see a 48 yesterday but it showed up earlier than what the projected (delayed) time was so I missed it :(. If anyone sees it running, I’d be curious to hear about it..

  3. This morning around 11:30 I saw not one but two #48 buses coming west down Madison, and then turning right on 12th. Is this their “unpublished snow route”??