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central area internet providers?

i’ve had multiple issues with qwest, including a recent one that make me want to find a new provider. any other recommendations for service in the cd?

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  1. We’ve been reasonably happy with Earthlink for, oh, 8 years or so. A few years ago when they started offering (land line) phone service, we switched that over from Qwest, for money reasons. It’s been fine.
    The only problem has been a wonky modem, and they sent us a new one. Their tech support hasn’t been too painful, if you don’t mind having to call India. (It’d be nice to have those jobs here, yes?)

  2. I just searched this site for ‘internet providers’ and here are the two discussions I remember. It often truly depends on exactly where you live..

  3. I’ve had no issues with them (the Speakeasy) as an ISP for my DSL line since slightly after they had the free terminals up all over town (which is what sold me initially), and the service has not been noticeably different than before Best Buy bought them out. That is, they haven’t throttled my bandwidth severely like what I’ve heard from some Qwest subscribers.

  4. Haven’t had any problems with their DSL in over a decade. Also, they do not throttle bandwidth, they’ve got the best customer support of any communications company on the planet, and they didn’t tap our phones when Bush asked them to.

  5. I agree. I am very happy with Qwest DSL. Too bad they don’t have fiber optic where I am yet.. But I have a qwest landline. Don’t use them for long distance or tv, but maybe having phone service makes a difference?

  6. ‘Fraid our experience with Qwest is in the “they DO throttle” category.
    We switched from Speakeasy to save some money & ran right back to Speakeasy. It may be that the satisfied Qwest users simply use their DSL for websearch & e-mail, but if you hope to do on-demand with them, think again. They advertise a fast connection, but it is not consistent.

    The service with Qwest was waaaay less than satisfactory. I’m perfectly happy to pay for Speakeasy now. We’ve had Speakeasy for ~ 7 years, without a hitch.

  7. The original poster didn’t ask for your opinion about the pros and cons of Qwest, she asked what other services were available. You liking Qwest is irrelevant. If she asked for recommendations regarding Ethiopian food would you reply that you prefer Thai? Seems silly.