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CDNews Police Scanner – 12/8

It’s a gray December day in Seattle’s East Precinct. ┬áThe warm crackle of the scanner invaded the cold quiet of the neighborhood:

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  1. That was my house that the police responded to. Our babysitter called to say that a strange person was pounding on the door and ringing the doorbell. When she looked out the window the person became more insistent. It scared her so much that she called 911. The police responded almost immediately but the person had already left.

  2. that poor poor girl! that must have been so frightening for her, especially knowing that there is a child or children in her responsibility. I’m glad everyone is okay.

  3. Mystery solved. On Friday UPS delivered a package to our house with someone else’s name on it, but with our address. I didn’t think too much about it and figured that we needed to call UPS and tell them of the mistake. Turns out the person at the door was looking for the package. His sister later came back in the early evening and explained that they had placed an order and gave the wrong address. When I explained to her that her brother acted strangely she rolled her eyes and said that he wasn’t a people person.

    This all seems like a unfortunate set of circumstances since today was the first day for the babysitter and she was in a new house with a new child. Its tough that now a days we are always forced to be so cautious. Of course getting a package for someone else makes me begin to think that this is could be some kind of scam. Maybe internet fraud, maybe identity theft. On the other hand I want to do the neighborly thing if it is a simple mistake — and hey, didn’t I make the same mistake just a few months ago when I ordered that hockey gear…

  4. That corner has made the scanner quite a bit in the last week or so. Lots of “disturbances”.