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CD Neighbors Supporting Our Schools

I was poking around and found the transscript of the hearing at TT Minor:

Reading the testimony made me tear up, I know many of you and you said it all.

I found it on this blog:

It has a bunch of comments about Nova and Meany, as well, but I don’t see links to transcripts.

Is there any way that we can pelt the State and the Obama people to support public education?  Can the school district just run at a deficit if there is a promise of more funding to fill the gap?  Can folks get together citywide and not let the district pit neighborhoods against each other?

It just seem like prioritizing school assignment to nearby schools would save SO much in the transportation costs.  If closures can be halted or minimized, I’d actually be willing to work on an initiative that makes the district provide elementary education within walking distance, distribution of special programs within public transportation distance of some minimal number of miles, and school assignment heavily prioritized for those in the reference area. 

Does that even make sense?  Or should I go back to ‘working’ at home for my paid job now?



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