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Sunday Marathon Route Around the CD

Our friends at CHS remind us that there’s a big marathon on Sunday that will give us something to watch and/or avoid. The route will have the runners going in a big loop around the neighborhood to and from Seattle Center via 5th Ave, I-90, Lake Washington Blvd., Madison St., and Interlaken Blvd.

Route of the Seattle Marathon, 11/30/08

You’ll want to rethink your Sunday if you had planned taking local routes to the U-district or highway 520 since the marathon route will block traffic on 23rd through Montlake and through the Arboretum.  Use I-5 instead for those trips. You should also cancel any plans for Sunday bike trips or motor tours along the lake since the street there will be packed full of runners.

Some transit routes are affected too:

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be running so we can all stop by to cheer you on.


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