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Hi-speed chase

Just coming home from work when I heard the sirens and revving engines of a police response to something.  Most of the cars on Union were getting out of the way except for an older maroon Japanese car that was being followed by two black undercover police cars eastbound on Union.  It didn’t look like they had much chance of getting away.  

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  1. on the night before thanksgiving … about midnight coming down union straight at me driving up from MLK. 2 police cars in tow, another whipped around behind me. black 80’s sedan w/ blacked in windows, going super fast in the middle of the road. If the police cars hadn’t been right behind it I’d might not seen it coming at me and pulled over in time. Took my breath away for a minute.

  2. i heard that car the night before thanksgiving. i live @ 18th & Spring & could hear very loud screeching from my bedroom. it also sounded like it bashing into parked cars, maybe along 18th b/t Spring & Union, then i heard police sirens soon after. wondered what it was all about…