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Giving Thanks for CD Holiday Schedules

It’s nice being a neighborhood blogger in Seattle – there’s a lot of other blogs you can steal ideas from.

I spent a few minutes calling places in our business directory.  Here’s some spots that are open tomorrow in case you need some coffee, some last minute fixin’s for your feast, or a family-stress-reducing beverage:


  • Safeway – 23rd & Madison – Open normal hours from 5am to 1am
  • Red Apple – 23rd & Jackson – Open 7am to 7pm


Stiff Drinks:

  • The Bottleneck Lounge (a CDNews sponsor) – Open 4pm to 2am
  • The Twilight Exit – 22nd & Madison – Open 4pm until 2am (they assured me that they are open 365 days a year)


  • Central Cinema (a CDNews sponsor) is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will be showing The Princess Bride at 7pm on Friday and 4pm and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday (Inconceivable!)

Post Office & Banks: Closed!

Transit:  Metro will be running on Sunday schedules

CDNews Scanner:  Taking a break

I wasn’t able to reach everyone, so leave a comment if there’s any place left out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

0 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for CD Holiday Schedules

  1. What no scanner tomorrow???? I can’t believe it, how will I pass the first hour of the day? I love reading about the neighborhood drama. I’m sure the folks between 23rd and 21st on Union will be open for business. Drug dealing is a 24/365 business last time I checked.

  2. You forgot Parnells on 23rd, Everyone’s favorite place for that last minute need for a 40 ouncer and some home made crack!

    Have a good day tomorrow Scott, you have earned it!

  3. Scott & everyone else – have a great holiday. To everyone who runs and contributes towards the blog, keep up the great work