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Narcotics Activity

So far it’s been a very slow day in the pre-holiday state of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. In addition to the scanner and notifying police of suspicious activity, could we notify each other when we see something suspicious in the area? I am new to this site. I read previous posts about home burglaries, where many people posted personal incidents. I just want to be better informed so I can exercise more caution, if/when necessary.

    The suspicious circumstance at 5:12pm scares me. I walk everywhere and haven’t felt unsafe until recently. Last week, I was walking down 16th and Pike (around 8pm) and my purse was stolen at gunpoint by two young males who parked maybe half a block away. I was on my phone which made me an easy target, but I was only a block from Madison Market. It was a bold move on their part.

    Two days later, I was walking down Pike again (before 3pm), saw a similar vehicle (white boxy model–Pontiac? with tinted windows). I hesitated and walked back to 18th, where there were other pedestrians. The car sped off, only to park a block away from me. Three males slowly got out of the vehicle. I walked into a coffee shop and called the non-emergency number. One of the males walked past the coffee shop and immediately walked back to the car. I should have called 911 but I was afraid that I was profiling and didn’t even get a plate number.

    Monday night, I was on the porch, having a late night smoke (not unusual, for me). Almost immediately, a navy blue sedan parked about twenty feet away from my porch. Two men got out of the car and were watching me. I immediately had a bad feeling. My knees started shaking. Without looking at each other, they were approaching me. I immediately went inside and locked the door. I heard them outside, saying something like, “I bet she locked it.” I couldn’t get a good look and I didn’t give them time to act (or not act). I didn’t call the police because I didn’t want to be that crazy girl who thinks she’s suddenly a target when I have no evidence.

    What is most frustrating is the security that was stolen from me. Everything else is replaceable, although what a hassle!

    Feel free to judge or to ask more specific questions. Sorry for the unintended length!

  2. Hey Cautious.
    You are being hyper-aware which is completely normal for what has occured to you. Not many people ‘know’ what you are going through right now which is the most frustrating part. You will desensitize eventually. You should be calling 911 immediately and not the non emergency numbers when you have a gut feeling that something is not right. It’s not about profiling, it’s about being aware and taking care of yourself.
    I was robbed at gunpoint a few months back and I feel just awful for you, I know everything you are going through and are thinking. None of it is crazy, you have just lost your ‘veil’ of safety which is an amazing trauma to deal with.

  3. If this helps, I live around 18th and union. I’ve seen suspicious cars circling around the block, especially near T Minor Playground since it gets so dark at night. I was robbed near 16th and Pike. 18th Ave (between Union and Madison) has been sketchy at night. I’m definitely more hyper aware but I do advise you all to error on the safe side.