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Corporate Coffee Trivia

Guess how many Starbucks are in the neighborhood.

There’s 23rd & Jackson and 12th & Columbia.  Up until last month we could claim the one at 22nd & Madison too, but it bit the dust in the big Starbucks shakeup.

But what if I told you that we still had 3?   It’s true: the other night I discovered that there’s a shiny new Starbucks inside the recently remodeled Swedish Cherry Hill (the hospital previously known as Providence). So if those of you that live around Cherry or Jefferson ever find yourselves too short on time to walk to one of our locally owned coffee joints, you now have a new espresso option that comes equipped with a crash cart (non-coffee services limited to those individuals with valid health insurance).


0 thoughts on “Corporate Coffee Trivia

  1. My favorite neighborhood coffee place is Cafe Vega at 20th & Yesler – the people are always nice when I go there and I love the Stumptown coffee they use! Not to dis Starbucks or anything… but I like to support the small businesses when I can.

  2. MMMmmmm Stumptown coffee!
    I as well am not trying to dis Starbucks, but I enjoy the whole coffee culture. Corporate and independent. Katy’s, Tougo, Stumptown (on 12th and the one on Pine). I can’t wait to experience more, but I’m in my local rut and I really don’t mind. I’ll have to head on down to Cafe Vega soon. The continued positive reviews are sticking with me, must be for a reason.

  3. great…more starbucks to waste my money in! When we all realize that $4 coffee is ridiculous?

  4. In a sense, this Starbucks is “locally owned,” too. Sabey owns the store as a franchise from Starbucks. I’m told that the store has the most profitable square feet in the hospital.